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    Alright, two things to state before I begin.Firstly if you fail to read this topic and It is either not stickied or on the first page at all through either a link or just the topic itself, do not expect your questions to be answered at all by anyone. Secondly while looking through the table of contents, if you see a certain section you just want to skip to use the Crtl+F command and type in [SE##] (replace ## with the section number)

    Table Of Contents
    1) How do I save? [SE1]
    2) What is the difference between save/quicksave? [SE2]
    3) Can I play this online (Purpose of wifi)? [SE3]
    4) Where are the best spots to find the Master Smith once I unlock her? [SE4]
    5) Where are the best locations for level grinding? [SE5]
    6) How do I revive? [SE6]
    7) When should I switch to my Onion Knight? [SE7]
    8) How do I use staffs to cast magic? [SE8]
    9) How do I find my Friend Code? [SE9]
    10) How does the MP work? [SE10]
    11) How do I raise my characters stats? [SE11]
    12) How do I get 9999HP [SE12]
    13) How do I fly over mountains with the INVINCIBLE? [SE13]
    14) Is there a new game plus? [SE14]
    15) How do I cast a spell on my entire party? [SE15]
    16) How do I gain job levels? [SE16]
    17) Credits [SE17]
    How do I save? [SE1]
    Ok, this was probably one of the most asked questions when this game first came out. It is still a question that people ask a bit but not as much as others. I figured I would clarify this first.

    As many people have noticed, there are no save points In Final Fantasy III. Some people do not like this concept, especially because of the final dungeon because it is so long and when they get to the final boss and die they have to start over. I myself like the fact that there are no save points. It adds to the challenge of the game.

    Anyways, you can only save on the World Map. Anywhere else, do not bother trying as the save function will be grayed out and useless.
    What is the difference between save and quicksave? [SE2]
    This question is not a common one but I have seen it a few times and figured I would clear up some confusion on the differences between the save and quicksave functions.

    Save can only be used on the world map and creates a piece of permanent data on your game which will never be lost. Thats about all there is to that one. The save option can be found in the menu.

    Quicksave, on the other hand only creates temporary data. It can be used anywhere, even in dungeons but if you load it, the data vanishs and you have to resave it. You must also turn off your DS or DS Lite right after using this function so you can not go on after using it. Also on the main screen if you select new game or load game and load a file from there, the quicksave data will be immidiately remove. It is really only useful if you are in the middle of a dungeon and your battery is running low or you have to go to bed or something. You can also make use of it for Mognet as you can quicksave infront of a moogle for the 1 hour clock trick but, I don't recommend this as sometimes you might forget to do it. Like save, the quicksave option can be found in the menu.


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