Crystal tower - change party or muscle through?

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User Info: Ninja_Mo

4 years ago#1
Hey all, hoping the experts can chime in here and lend me a hand!

Currently, my party is level 51 across the board. Using Seferaga's gamefaqs guide, my party is:

Refia - Geomancer - job level 78
Arc - Dark Knight - job level 64
Luneth - Magus - job level 35
Ingus - Devout -job level 35

I switched over at earth crystal so my magus and devout are a little lower. But devout only chucks out my mass heals and Luneth is doing 5k per flare anyway which is ok.

I went past Xande last night (was really easy) and then went to Cerberus. His 3 attacks per round took down Ingus first, so I was in a race to Phoenix down him back since he is only caster with a heal. Long story short, Cerberus kept eating Ingus first and he wiped me. So now I have to go back all the way and do it all over. It takes a long time, and now I'm pissed off, so I need help.

Was this just an unlucky Cerberus fight? Should I just go back and finish it?


Do I level grind on blucks until mid 60s level and then go back?


Do I change my jobs a more 'perfect' combo? What job level will I need?

Would really appreciate the help from those who have done it!


User Info: LBoksha

4 years ago#2
My recommendation would be to gain five or so levels and make sure you cast protect (either by having Ingus cast on himself or having Arc use a Defender sword on him) on Ingus first thing in boss battles. You should also probably switch your magus to something else; magi really don't add much to a party since eventually even their strongest spell (which they'll be able to cast like 5 or 6 times) will do less damage than a regular attack from a physical attacker. What to change him to will depend on what other jobs Luneth has had though. Good options in general would be a bard (additional defense) or a ninja (additional offense) as both of these don't require a lot of job levels to be effective.
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User Info: Ninja_Mo

4 years ago#3
Kinda sad to think the black mage then magus I've been with the whole game is worse than a level one ninja, but I can see it happening.

Had a few free minutes this morning and switched my geomancer to a ninja and switched my magus for a bard. Ninja is already doing more damage than my magus. I've got masamune and Kiki-whatwhat sword on him, and ultimata and ragnarok on dark knight. I didn't buy Apollo harp when I was in eureka, nor any shurikens. So I'm going back to shop there which should net me a good few job levels if I make it one level per random fight. I don't really wan toto grind but that should be manageable.

Reckon if I start each battle with Apollo defence and 2 protects, I wil be ok?

User Info: terran3999999

4 years ago#4
You got very unlucky, same crap happened to me once. But you could have switched some of the Jobs around.

I find a Knight more useful than a DK but with your current Job Levels you should rather stick with a DK.
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