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User Info: ricecorn

4 years ago#1
I read in a FAQ jobs does NOT affect stat growth except for HP growth and that Black Belt has best HP growth.

Personally I do believe that Jobs affect stats growth, however the stats are "hidden".

I am have finished the game once and is levelling in Crystal Tower for challenging Iron Giant.

My "original party"was:
Refia (White Mage -> Devout)
Luneth (Red Mage -> Ninja)
Arc (Black Mage -> Magus)
Ingus (Thief -> Black Knight)

For gaining HP, I changed Luneth and Arc to Black Belt.
Arc is level 68:
No weapon, no helmet, no armor, no ring equipped
Attack 154
Strength 68

Luneth is level 67,
No weapon, no helmet, no armor, no ring equipped
Attack 150
Strength 67

As you can see Arc has been my mage since the beginning and Luneth has been my warrior. Once entering battle in Crystal Tower, my Luneth MAKES TWICE as much damage as Arc.

For example, Luneth 18 hits makes almost 4000 damage to Medusa but Arc's 17 hits only makes 1800 on the same enemy. Both are almost identical, same job, same job level, both no equipments, both on front row. Their only difference is that Arc is more level more than Luneth, which should mean that Arc should do MORE damage.

Therefore I believe there are some stat-counters in the game that are "hidden", just like when you do more than 9999, the over-part will be "hidden". So how the character makes damage is based on what job the character had and his growth will also be affected by the character's job, but the "stats" will be hidden.

in other words if you want a strong physical attacker, you should let him be a physical attacker from the very beginning of the game.

(I have not tried to make my ingus and luneth to pure mage yet) I can see any other explanation why my luneth and arc makes so much difference in their physical attack.

User Info: ricecorn

4 years ago#2
I made another test now.

I turned my lvl 76 Ingus to Sage (lvl1).
His stats are:
Lvl 76
S 27
A 27
V 44
I 59
M 59
Attack 60
Defense 0
Magic Defense 0

and lvl 74 Arc into a Sage (lvl1)
His stats are:
S 27
A 27
V 43
I 57
M 57
Attack 60
Defense 0
Magic Defense 0

Both characters are totally unequipped.

I made them both learn "fira", and I went inside crystal tower again. Encountered a pair of Blucks.

Both characters casted Fira on the same enemy. Arc made over 1015 damage and Ingus only made 463.

As I wrote in the previous post, my Arc has always been my mage since the game start, while ingus was my thief->dark knight. It's quite obvious that my MAGE does more MAGIC damage than my physical fighter. The same as the previous example of turning Arc to Black Belt who made less damage than Luneth.

This pretty much proves that there are hidden stats in the game. and Attack, Vitality, Intelligens and Mind does NOT SHOW THE ACTUAL STATS.

the REAL stats are hidden, and the REAL stats are affected by what job you had and how many levels you have gained with a specific job.

User Info: LBoksha

4 years ago#3
There's two hidden stats per character; left and right arm proficiency. These go up whenever you attack and land at least one hit with the respective arm. In other words, they're not bound to what job you're in. A mage hitting things with two sticks will gain arm proficiency just as fast as a warrior hitting things with two hammers.
How many tests did you do with the magic? Because it sounds like one of the two casts was a dud. This is random and has nothing to do with who casts the spell.
You try to run away. But there's no escape! The enemy tries to run away. But there's no escape!

User Info: ricecorn

4 years ago#4
oh... thanks you are right...

I tested two times casting fire...

now I tried again a few times, they both made same damage.... guess I was very unlucky with my first tries.

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