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User Info: Deception613

4 years ago#1
As I do not normally play Final Fantasy 3 (I tend to stick to 7 - 12) and I have recently decided to pick up Final Fantasy 3 for DS, I have a question.

Do I get any added benefit of mastering a Job to Level 99 like I would if I was playing Dragon Quest? I am only wondering because I do play a lot of Dragon Quest IX for the DS and I have spent the majority of today leveling up the Job's alone. I still haven't changed the 4 characters to anything other than the initial job class and the average job level is 60's. I've been just battling around Ur and the Alter Cave.

My second question- A previous save file- I only got as far as the story dictating that I be in Mini at all times and I was wondering- What can I do to make the battles easier on me?
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User Info: terran3999999

4 years ago#2
You do get a benefit but honestly its not worth it at all unless you either like and want to stick with that Job or a sad person who feels the need to overlevel like crazy.

Raising a Job's Level to 99 grant you access to its Mastery Item, its usually a really powerful weapon but only that Job can equip it. Some are worth it, others are more of just a bonus.
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User Info: Deception613

4 years ago#3
Well, While I like to power level (Is not a sad person for liking to power-level on a game), I wanted to get the Job Levels up to 99 without to much of a level up because I would like to get all 4 character's HP to 9999
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