Problem with mouse movement

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User Info: RandomCL

8 years ago#1
I've been a fairly hardcore FPS player over the years (6+ years playing CS1.6, Quake 3, Painkiller, DoD, and CoD2/4), and recently have tried to move away from playing competitive games. I've tried to go back and clear out some of my one player game collection, and I'm starting with BioShock.

There is one problem, though. I remembered, 30 seconds in, why I quit playing in the first place. The mouse movement is just... horrendous. I've tried everything I can think of thus far.

The problem: whenever I move the mouse at all, the display on screen is delayed, sluggish, and just non-responsive. I'm getting good FPS (50-60, so high enough that it wouldn't have this effect), my temperatures are fine on my PC, and the sensitivity ingame feels appropriate. The problem still persists, though. I've tried removing CPL Mousefix (tried with and without), two different mice, with and without mouse drivers (I usually use none, but installed to try that as well), and messed with the settings for a couple hours. I still cannot get it to the point of even being fun to play.

I asked some friends about this and they said a lot of post-HL2 FPS games have this issue, and it is just the engine they run on/the way they were designed. I've never, however, had this problem with any game (I can run Crysis, Doom 3, HL2, Fallout 3, and other games fine, and the mouse feels fine).

Is there any fix for this, any suggestions, or anything at all? I really want to play the game, but as is, I don't see myself getting past the first 30 minutes... ever.

User Info: Werndan101

8 years ago#2
Are you still in the intro(Lighthouse)?

Because even if you crank up the sensitivity to maximum, it still acts kinda funky, I believe.

User Info: DrPepper23x

8 years ago#3
Get if for the 360 if you have one.

I know very little about solutions, so no help here.
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User Info: dsgsdfgf

8 years ago#4

Is v-sync on?

User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
8 years ago#5
In Bioshock, and a few others - vsync can give you really awful mouse lag - even with good framerates
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User Info: skiminki

8 years ago#6

If you've got Nvidia card then one thing you can try is lowering the "maximum number of pre-rendered frames" setting in Nvidia control panel / Manage 3D settings. Try 0 or 1. The default value of 3 seems to give at least 50ms lag which is clearly noticeable and exceedingly annoying. I think this setting has something to do with Nvidia trying to excel in benchmarks.

Nevertheless, the game has some genuine issues in mouse handling, as for me, the sensitivity changes completely when I toggle vertical sync setting in the game. Wish they'd fix it.

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