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User Info: Lanceheart563

7 years ago#1
54-60 Music

I think “Oh pretty woman” by Roy Orbison deserves it’s spot on the top 100 Greatest Rock songs of the 20th century because I appreciate the message of the song that even though someone is beautiful on the outside you never know how lonely they feel on the inside. The song is simple and the way Roy Orbison sings the song with a yearning and soothing voice.

Another is Elvis Presley’s “hound dog” which is still sung in hundred movies and events even till this day. The song has a certain catch to it and it was thanks to Elvis Presley that the song became more popular and the definitive version. It is Elvis’s signature song and one of the most memorable. People can recognize the tune anytime and start singing along and that’s why Hound dog deserves one of the top spots in the rock and roll hall of fame.

I am also pretty fond of Paul Anka’s “Diana” because of the cheesy love tune to it. I love the way he incorporates Diana into most of the songs sentences. The song is funny and light humored in a way since the song was written for a former babysitter. Young boys can relate to the song if they ever had a crush on their babysitter! The result was a massive number one hit, that boosted Paul Anka to stardom.

Another one that deserves it’s fame is “Rock around the clock tonight” by Bill Haley and the Comets, simply for it’s upbeat nature that makes you want to get out of your couch/chair/bed and start rocking and dancing around! I like it also because thinks about the people you love and how you should have a great time with them whenever you can. I appreciate songs that have a cute, sweet, and simple message with a catchy tune to boot! It was Haley's biggest hit, and one of the most important records in rock and roll history.

Last but not least another great rock and roll classic is “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. The somber mellow instruments and background music accompanied by Patsy’s beautiful and soothing voice. The song is the typical unrequited love song, but the way she says Crazy for loving you in each chorus gets to the emotional side of everyone. Even though the song doesn’t wanna make you rock your brains out like most rock songs are intended, it still deserves it’s spot in the hall of fame!

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