materia fusion recipes - let's share!

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User Info: grendel_hayato

9 years ago#1
hallo all... i'm starting out on experimenting with materia fusion and found some are difficult to acquire early on. mayhap some of you know a few choice fusions for those of us not wanting to waste our dispel and libra materia?

i'd found getting the element spells like fira and thundara are good choices, dark thundara is best cuz it includes poison and silence too plus it has a quick execution. only downside is it costs a little more mp but tonberry questing provides lots of lovely Gs.

i wish there was a remembered recipe system like in monster hunter freedom but it's nice to see websites with boards like this where we can share our secrets, right?

try these:

cure (M) + regen = curaga
cure (M) + gravity = graviga
elemental attack + dispel = dark elemental attack
poison + elemental strike = dispel blade

(M) means master
if anyone knows a cheap way to get darkness and death, lemme know?

User Info: Great1Milenko

9 years ago#2
i dont know what yopu said but souds really good and smart gives you A+

User Info: VINDETTA123

9 years ago#3
i got hell thundaga dunno the dif in dmg between it and dark thundaga oh i got costly punch from the combination of iron fist and that octaslash materia
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User Info: Cloudmcphroni

9 years ago#4
Hell thundaga is like damage + status effect to enemies.
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User Info: jaryth000

9 years ago#5
Well, when I read the Topic name, I thought it was going to be kinda stupid (no offense!) but... It seams like a good idea... I mean this game has THOUSANDS of combinations... might as well map out some basic rules eh! (I know there are a few sites that have a LOT of combinations on them.. but I can not remember any of them.. plus there all in Japanese XD).

HP Up + HP up+ +Elixir*x = HP up+ +Z
Where X is the amount of Elixirs you include, and Z is a %. For every Elixir you include it will add another +10%. I never had any need for Elixirs... I had like 20 of them that I never used... things like Cure where just better, so I decided to fuse them. Instant 200%!! (If you try to HP Up 2x (without the + symbol) it will just turn into a Cure...). Plus, every time the Materia levels up, it will add another 20%.

Elemental Rules
As many people have figured out by just messing around, there is a basic Elemental rule.
There are 3 Elements. Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder. The rule is thus:
Fire + Blizzard = Thunder
Blizzard + Thunder = Fire
Thunder + Fire = Blizzard

Now, this rule continues though the ra's and the ga's. Also, if you mix a base plus the next level like:
Blizzard + thundara = Fira
The level of the result will be the higher level.
Also (Im pretty sure on this, but have not tested it enough to be 100% on it), two elements of the same level mastered will turn into the next level:
Fire (MASTER) + Fire = Fira

Get it?
(and using the past two rules, UNTESTED)
Fire (MASTERED) + Thunder = Blizzara
(As I said I still have to test that)

Using Stones to change Whats added

Also, using the stones that add properties (Such as the "Adds +10% HP" stone) will change whatever the original boost, into the new boost. Example:
Fire (Attack +2) + Fire (Attack +2) = Fire (Attack +3) However,
Fire (Attack +2) + Fire (Attack +2) + HP +10% Stone = Fire (+40% HP)

(Keep in mind, % add ons are of 10, and are equal to 1 of stat add ons (So, HP + 10%, MP +10%, Attack +1, are all the same values. So in the example above, if you put in 3 Vit +1 stones, the total end value would be Vit + 6 (3 from the originals, that would have been attack, and 3 from he stones) ).
I understand that may be confusing... Partly because its a confusing subject without trying it out... and partly because my explanation sucked a lot, but sitll, hopefully you understand.

I feel, instead of posting random Recipes, it should be more focused on Rules (such as the Elemental Rule), or rare/Special things (like the DMW Materia + XXXXX Punch = Costly Punch).

Ill post more rules and stuff as I see them. Hope you like!
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User Info: DCJoeDog

9 years ago#6
All I know is that HP UP + 60 X-potions = HP UP 200% lol, I did this twice and have 9999 HP
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User Info: jaryth000

9 years ago#7

Attack Skill + Element = Elemental Blade*

(Attack Skills like Jump, Assault Twister, Power attack)
* - The Element of the blade will the the same as the Element you used, as well as the same elemental level (as in if you use a Fire, it will make a Fire Blade. If you use a Fira it will make a Firea Blade)

Attack Skill + Status Materia = Status Materia blade*

(Attack skills, same kind as above. Status Materia, things like Poison, Silence, Stop (thats a good one. Stop Blade). However (and I was hoping on this one...) Things like Drain and Osmose do NOT create Drain Blade or Osmose Blade XD (I was trying to Create a Blood Sword Materia. Though... Im pretty sure there is a Blood Sword in this game (as an accessory. It goes great with Darkness!)

(decided to Bold the Formulas so they stand out more ^_^)

Hope they help!
Yes, I too was killed by the Dino in FFXII...
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User Info: Neh_Nekojin

9 years ago#8

User Info: jaryth000

9 years ago#9

Keep in mind, the Max HP is 99,999 :P.

Also, you can add Potions/Hi-Potions/X-Potions as well for a boost, But it takes a lot more, and theres a cutoff (as in you can only use it to add a certen amount of an addition). But thats a good point, x-Potions do work to.

(I know Phoenix Down's can be used to make a Killer Addition..... but I cant remember how!!!)
Yes, I too was killed by the Dino in FFXII...
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User Info: jaryth000

9 years ago#10

I knew that was there too.. I just totally forgot about it...
Yes, I too was killed by the Dino in FFXII...
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