Repeating completed missions?

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  3. Repeating completed missions?

User Info: nl255

9 years ago#1
Is it possible to do a mission after you have completed it? For example, can you repeat mission 1-1-1 ten times to get 10 elixirs or is each mission only completable once, like in GTA?

User Info: Gash

9 years ago#2
Only get the reward once, but you can repeat the mission multiple times.
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User Info: nl255

9 years ago#3
What about chests in missions, can you get those more than once?

User Info: Mithreindeer

9 years ago#4

User Info: puppetmaster654

9 years ago#5
The only things that come back in repeated missions are the bosses, and the random enemies. The only things repeating missions are good for are 1. EXP 2. DMW leveling 3. Stealing from enemies to get those types of items.

User Info: panickedthumb

9 years ago#6
4) getting chests or other secrets you missed the first time through (magic pot)
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  3. Repeating completed missions?

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