What happens to Genesis? SPOILERS

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User Info: Musashi920

9 years ago#1
At the very end of the game. After Zack picks up Cloud and they leave. A ShinRa helicopter lands and 2 people in SOLDIER uniforms pick up Genesis saying he will become their "brother". WTF was that about!?

Because they kept saying brother and they seemed to have had silver hair, although their faces never actually shown, I thought it might be a combination or Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo. ???? Is genesis one of them?
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User Info: Sephyr_IX

9 years ago#2
No, the two SOLDIERs are from Deepground, Weiss and Nero. They are in no way,shape or form Kadaj, Loz or Yazoo. The reason they say Brother to Genesis is because they share his genes.

If you want to learn more about Deepground and Weiss and Nero, Play Dirge Of Cerberous.
Re-playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

User Info: Musashi920

9 years ago#3
I played half way through dirge lol. it got to hard at one part with like a million people shooting at me and me dying almost instantly...so i quit XP.

So then does Dirge explain what really happens to Genesis after?
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User Info: Navex

9 years ago#4
Basically Genesis refuses to join Deepground and decides to slumber beneath Midgar until the time comes when the planet needs him. (Don't ask why he didn't wake during the Jenova War, I'm just going by what the Ultimania says heh)
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User Info: sithvalentine

9 years ago#5
dirge hard??


anyway they kinda mention info about genesis and


genesis is introduced to FF in dirge of cerberus in the secret ending.
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User Info: Revenent327

9 years ago#6
I've never heard of anyone referring to DoC as hard. It's one of the easiest games I've ever played, personally. Still, you SHOULD know who Weiss is even if you just played a couple levels of DoC. He's the guy who sends out the TV broadcast in the beginning.
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User Info: knightly_probe

9 years ago#7
It's important to note that the maniac seen in the television broadcast isn't the true Weiss.

We know Weiss is a hardcore fighter, but based on what we've seen of his true nature he isn't exactly bloodthirsty either.
Sorry if I spoiled anything :)

User Info: cigaro

9 years ago#8
How do you get the 'secret' ending in Dirge anyway? Is it just after the credits?

User Info: knightly_probe

9 years ago#9
You're supposed to collect the three G-Reports in chapter 8, 9 and 11, I think. One in each chapter.

Collect the reports, beat the game and stick around after the credits so you can see Gackt playing the role of Genesis. Cryptic accent and all.
Sorry if I spoiled anything :)

User Info: fascistcrusader

9 years ago#10
If you're too lazy to go play through Dirge again, here's the secret ending on Youtube.

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