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Cloud's love interest...?

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User Info: LDK_Vergil

9 years ago#1
I think the thing that sets FF7and Crisis Core apart from most of the others in the series, is the "love triangle" effect. In Crisis Core, Cissnei obviously had feelings for Zack, but Zack seemed devoted to Aerith. Fast forward to FF7. Cloud quickly develops deep feelings for Aerith, while Tifa seems to play much the same role that Cissnei did; the victim of unreciprocated love. I suppose you could draw some conclusions about the Cloud-Aerith relationship; Cloud, basically being Zack incarnate, was attracted to the same girl, and Aerith, still in love with Zack, would fall for a man nearly identical to him.

What I'm curious of, however, is did Cloud ever truly overcome his feelings for Aerith? Tifa seems to be a close friend, but perhaps only that; a friend. She never really came across as *the* love interest, which leaves some questions. I was surprised in Advent Children, that the Cloud-Tifa relationship seemed to have reverted back to a bit more distant friendship.

So, what do yall think? I guess I still favor the Zack-Aerith and Cloud-Tifa ties, but what are your thoughts?

User Info: kurly1112

9 years ago#2
I think that you're right on the whole thing. I also think that in Advent Children, they did the whole distant friendship thing because Cloud seemed to have distanced himself from everyone. So it only seems logical that their relationship would become more distant, and i think that it helped the storyline along by doing that.

I could be wrong about that last part though :P

User Info: RogueKyne

9 years ago#3
There's really no point to another one of these topics.

According to the Ultima, it's Zack/Aerith, Cloud/Tifa, and there never was any triangle of the sort between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith... or so says the creators after their many sequals/prequals, retconning, and everything else.

I support none of the three above together at all, so it matters not to me.

User Info: RogueKyne

9 years ago#4
^ four, I mean.

User Info: SSJ_Jin

9 years ago#5
Are you serious? How was there not a love triangle between them? What a retcon...
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User Info: Revenent327

9 years ago#6
The love triangle only seemed to present itself because of optional dialogue. If you had Cloud direct all of his attention at Tifa instead of Aerith, you'd never have thought of her (Aerith) as anything more than his friend. AC seems to clarify that Aerith ends up with Zack after death, and it seems likely that Cloud and Tifa hooked up from his upbeat attitude in DoC.
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User Info: Linxred

9 years ago#7
I think Cloud was in love with Zack. There's all those undercurrents that suggested Cloud was bisexual...kissing the king on stage, dressing in drag, going on a date with Barret....

And his fascination with Zack...hmmm....
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User Info: Kelly181

9 years ago#8
in A/C cloud and Tifa are married, (atleast that is what i thought from the red string on their arms)

cloud Resolves all his feelings for Aries in that Movie. and this game expands upon Zack, and how Aries actually Felt.

User Info: Bartz

9 years ago#9
in A/C cloud and Tifa are married, (atleast that is what i thought from the red string on their arms)

Barret, Yuffie, Red XIII, Vincent, Cid, and Cait Sith all have that pink ribbon in memory of Aerith.

Although you could've just mentioned the nice little ring Tifa has on her hand... of course you only really see it for a split second in one scene but the camera does zoom in on it.

Look at the scene where Reno and Rude go to Cloud and Tifa to tell them that Kadaj and co are at the Forgotten City. It's the part after Vincent saves Cloud where they show the Reno/Rude part again but this time add in the part where Tifa yells out Cloud xD.
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User Info: arch9443

9 years ago#10
cloud had feelings for a zodiac sign........... interesting.

on a more serious note I would have to favor the Zack/Aeris and Cloud/Tifa way of thinking about it.
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