Easy way to get 100% Dmw

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User Info: sheep99

8 years ago#1
hi i did not see any post about this and i hope FAQ makers add this information to their FAQs

yesterday i was trying to get all DMW at 100% i had all the faces but only beasts/and some jokers were at 100% genesis was at 10% so i read that i have to fight and fight until i get memories i am not that lucky i said :/

so i found an easy way to do that

i equipped Zack with 4 lucky star materia, docs code, genji shield and shinra beta plus, then i entered on mission 1-1-5(200 soldiers) then i left my psp with its charger and i went to sleep, i woke up 4 hours later and he was still battling with soldiers and geting memories from DMW i defeated some soldiers and wow!!!

he got potions from soldiers killed by Octaslash, Rush Assault, Air Strike etc and used them with docs code and with lucky stars he got so many memories that i got 100% without playing and playing :)

by the way zackgrow up 1 level i think that if i do the same with 1000 soldiers he may grow more levels

User Info: Coryney

8 years ago#2
I prefer to use the 10-4-2, the vacation mission with the 100 worms which come in groups of 6. Use a "Fairy Ring" to get constant regen going so you are not reliant on potions which can run out and equip x1 lucky star (you dont want it constantly being triggered, only regularly enough to stay in heavinly status) along with the x5 DMW materia related to the character you still need % on (eg x5 Meteor strike for Cloud). The frequency that the event is triggered is increased with the level of the materia, so you may want to change out one of the DMW materia for a Moogle Power to help level up your materia ..................

User Info: kane_AZ

8 years ago#3
wow, thanks for enlightening me. i thought the DMW will get to 100% after story based events like the building of the wagon for areith. so it is actually dependant on the memory that you get during modulating phase.

User Info: fooda_420

8 years ago#4
its both, you have to pass certain points in the game to unlock the memories, and you have to view each memory to 100% it

User Info: solblurgh

8 years ago#5
- 1 materia with high HP boost
- 1 lucky stars materia
- 4 DMW materia of my choice
- fury ring (counterattack)
- any useful accessories
- 1-1-6 (battle with 1000 soldiers)

that was my setup and i left my PSP with headphones on, so that it wont disturb my focus on Liverpool - Everton game LOL. got Cloud 100% DMW in no time. of course Zack dies in the middle of the game, but i got the DMW completion.
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