Goddess Materia

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User Info: afatmouse

8 years ago#1
If someone cuold tell me where to find all the goddess materia, that would be great, ive been stuck on this part for a while. And please dont just say "Look at the FAQs".
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User Info: 1Cyrus1

8 years ago#2
ok dont look at the FAQs, I looked for you:

In this area, you can save your game. You must grab 4 'materia' from chests in
this area to proceed the game later on. This area is the main area, and is
called the Depths of Judgement. The first chest is easy to find and lies
right on your path. The next chest is located at the end of the northern
cliff. At the bottom of that cliff is a small caveway that leads to the third
chest. The fourth chest is gotten by simply walking to the west at the main
path. Also, read the prologue of loveless on the stone that's in the center
of the area, near the save point. This is essential.

Now you have 3 options. The west path leads to the Portal of Severance, the
South path leads to Oblivion Lake, and the east path leads to Howling Fang.

First off, head west to the Portal of Severance. The only thing you need to
do here right now is read the 3rd chapter of Loveless on the stone. Head back
to the Depths of Judgement, and head east to the Howling Fang now. Here,
turn the valves to open up cells #33 and #34, and grab an [•X-POTION] from the
chest. Open up cell #35 for the [•MUG (M)]. Read the Loveless chapter 2 on the
stone, at the end of the hall, and ignore Behemoth King - for now. Head back to
the Depths of Judgement.

Now, head south into Lake of Oblivion. Read chapter 1 of Loveless on the
stone. There are 3 chests in this area, which contain the last 3 'materia' to
proceed the game

Seriously, nobody remembers where they are
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User Info: fooda_420

8 years ago#3
what would drive someone to gameFAQS if they do not want to check the faqs?

User Info: ryokayin

8 years ago#4
More like why do people post questions when 95% of the answers are right in the guides......Makes me wonder whose actually doing the playing.
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