Questions about Handgun vs. Red 9... and the Red 9 STock..

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User Info: Maehara Shinobu

Maehara Shinobu
9 years ago#1
Which Exclusive is Better?

1) Red 9 with a firepower of 5.0

2) Handgun with 5X headshot rate....

I've been messing around with my old GC file and find the Exclusive Red 9 very good......most head shots either kill enemies in 1 hit or blow their head up.

However, it seems the Exclusive handgun does offer a higher decap. rate

3) Also, is the STOCK for the Red 9 USEFUL? If so, why is it useful? Does the stock ensure a higher DECAP RATE? Isn't the Red 9's accuracy pretty good?
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User Info: Chocobo_King

9 years ago#2
Just pick the Red9.
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User Info: TomoEK9

9 years ago#3
Red9 has terrible accuracy, if you are gonna get the Red9, the stock is a must as it brings its accuracy to about that of a BT if not better

User Info: Lord Faust

Lord Faust
9 years ago#4
Red9 doesn't have terrible accuracy... all the handguns are equal except the Blacktail aims faster. But the Red9 with stock has steadier aiming.
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User Info: NekoEspirito

9 years ago#5
Accuracy is essentially a moot point, but the sheer power of the Red9 makes it the top choice for handgun weapon in this game.
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User Info: DigimonTrainer

9 years ago#6
With the stock, I'm pretty sure the Red9 has the steadiest aim. I remember "sniping" guys with ease with the Red9 from afar, haha.
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User Info: G_Spot_Finder

9 years ago#7
I suggest the Red9 as it makes the handgun an option in boss fights should you get low on other ammo.

The decap rate is fine, but it is limited on who it can kill in one/two shots. Just the Zealots, Ganados, and Soldiers, and even then just those who do not have helmets or masks.

I am in love with the PS2 version as the exclusive bumps the Red9 power up to 6.5. Talk about 1 shot kill until mid game.

I say get the stock. It doesn't hurt anything and takes up very little space.
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