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User Info: Keir21

8 years ago#1

the game stayed like this:


Okay so it was more paranormal and not so action orientated but the story seemed more interesting and may have well made Leon a more important character in the series. Its a shame they scrapped it and turned it into Devil May Cry.

User Info: Mookiethebold

8 years ago#2
Is it time for our weekly "I wish RE4 was more like the original demo" topic already? >__>

In answer to your question, no. I very much like the way it turned out. The series had gotten stale and this was just the shake-up it needed.
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User Info: Wolfgang9Hype

8 years ago#3
What on earth are you talking about? It is a very long stretch to be comparing this with DMC.
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User Info: Red_Igniz

8 years ago#4
Not sure how you managed to come up with the conclusion that it would have been more interesting and Leon would have had a bigger role from a 5 min clip. Imo it looked more AITD or SH than RE especially with the changing color hues when enemies were present and the slower pace. RE would have just stayed stagnant or possibly regressed if they had intended to release it like that. The graphics seemed more like current gen and the QTEs seems slightly more interesting but apart from that Im glad RE4 turned out the way it did. It really was time for a change, it wasnt just 3 RE games before RE4 but a whole host of games inbetween that kept rehashing the gameplay and it really was time for a change. Releasing the game as it was in the demo would have done Capcom no favors.

User Info: Keir21

8 years ago#5
People read up on info. The original story was Leon being infected with a virus and starting to hallucinate. So everything was paranormal and there was going to be more emphasis on Leon and Umbrella which would potentially stop the Leon hate which i really want. Gameplay wise i like the way it turned out, storywise and horror wise no, not really. Also the graphics look better there in my eyes especially in terms of lighting and Leon's jacket.

Also wolfgang yes this concept was later turned into DMC read into it. I'm not bashing the current game because i love it i just wish they didn't completely scrap the concept. They could have turned it into a spin off instead of DMC >__>

User Info: Sinister187

8 years ago#6
That looked cool, but I like the way RE4 eventually turned out. And I like DMC too, so in the end, I'm happy with the way everything went.
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User Info: MC_BatCommander

8 years ago#7
TC, don't you think that with how old that video is, it's been discussed here hundreds of times?
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User Info: Keir21

8 years ago#8
your point being? you've probably discussed everything there is to discuss. Nothing wrong with a bit of backtracking lol.

User Info: the_requiem

8 years ago#9
actually I wish someday capcom would make a game like that. even today that video looks much better than anything Silent Hill has done lately... and this coming from a long time RE and SH fan.

User Info: Keir21

8 years ago#10
the_requiem posted...
actually I wish someday capcom would make a game like that. even today that video looks much better than anything Silent Hill has done lately... and this coming from a long time RE and SH fan.

I agree with you 100%

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