I never understood the logic behind the merchant selling guns but no ammo

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  3. I never understood the logic behind the merchant selling guns but no ammo

User Info: monkeypahng

5 years ago#11
Really? Are you questionning the logic of merchants not selling ammo when they are so many more illogical things in the game itself?

Soon you're gonna create topics about how taking an axe to the face doesn't kill you, or how herbs can heal everything... <__<

It's all for the sake of gameplay and aesthetics.
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User Info: tharuckus

5 years ago#12
Just throwing an imaginary scenario out there...

He could have an insane amount of HP, so if you shot at him, he would come after you with his entire arsenal.

If you beat him though, you get all his stuff. Maybe even a secret weapon thrown in.

Ammo could be on the shelf just like it is in the game, but if you cross a certain line or try to leave the room, the door locks and battle begins!

I'm talkin like, more HP than 3 rocket rounds....or he has a plaga that moves.

Just sayin...... I accept the game as it is, but it would be fun.
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User Info: aliwuhf83

5 years ago#13
i've rarely seen the merchant with ammo. ammo boxes yes, but actual ammo no. it's likely that he sells ammo to the bad guys. this is why the bad guys don't attack him. this is also why you find the ammo on the bad guys or money - bad guys haven't had the chance to buy the ammo yet. however, the bad guys somehow don't want the box, which is why the merchant has all these empty boxes and the enemies have all the ammo. anyone can buy ammo at any merchant. buying weapons, however, requires licenses. leon as a leo obviously has one. standard peasants not so much. since the peasants and the merchants were there first, it's likely the merchant had to sell SOMETHING to buy lunch or lodging.

the merchant also likely has non-functioning floor model versions. dummy ammo for testing if a weapon cycles. putting a grenade on display is probably not a good idea. but a prop might be good for business - any real life gun show merchant can attest.

User Info: orangenee

5 years ago#14
Seeing as the knife is akin to a lightsabre in operation ammo isn't a massive concern.

Seriously though TC, this is a videogame. The rules and rationale encountered don't necessarily HAVE to make sense.

I mean the guy has an entire arsenal in his -not all that large- coat, he should be in Sierra Leone not ****ty Spanish community.

How come Leon can jump from near any height in tactical gear with an attache case full of weapons presumably kept in his rectal cavity? Most peoples knees would explode.
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  3. I never understood the logic behind the merchant selling guns but no ammo

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