the worst campaign mode i've ever seen

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User Info: Jackish_Person

9 years ago#11
you guys must be just really bad at this game...i had absolutely NO troubles at all in the Empire campaign, especially after getting the Death Star. Rebel was a lot harder, but if you were smart about what you did, you could beat it. Just treat the game like a war simulator.
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User Info: Algolagnia

9 years ago#12

EaW took alot of it's cues from Warhammer 40k in terms of gameplay, so if you like the style but hate the story/AI try that series. You requisition reinforcements from space just the same, you get squad commanders, can upgrade individual squad units with different weapons(add one or two grenade launcher equipped soldiers to a squad, instead of all of them using laser rifles), and there is even a morale aspect built into the game. If a squad loses it's commander and takes heavy fire they'll break ranks, some commander units even have a "Shoot Deserter" type ability to bring the squad back under control through a demonstration of the punishment for cowardice.

Warhammer 40k also has persistent bodies and battlefield scarring letting you look over the bloody scene of your hard fought victories, or most bitter losses when the game ends.

User Info: Iffy350

9 years ago#13
Command and Conquer games ALWAYS cheat. Its why i am not a fan of Petroglyph since it is composed of former Westwood employees. The game cheats and that is not realistic at all. Fair, what do you mean war isn't fare? In real life sixty panzer's did not just materialise on the Omaha beach like magic the night of the famous D-Day invasion. That is what we call cheating. I do not favor games that cheat to make the game harder. If they wanted to make it hard then they should have made you use real tactics instead of just fling one thousand stormtroopers at the enemies base and hoping for the best. That's not real strategy its just lame.

User Info: Bloodly

9 years ago#14
(though they aren't shown as red so they can't be rebel bases only pirate strongholds).

Don't be so sure. Sometimes it doesn't show the proper colours even when it should.
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User Info: Algolagnia

9 years ago#15

I'm a minimalist versus the computer, what's the bare minimum I can accomplish a goal with. Sometimes I invade planets only using Boba Fett, bombs, and bombardments and win easily by jetting around(keeping him airborne pretty much the entire time, or at least long enough to immediately jet away again when he lands) and avoiding that first hard push of the enemy to kill me as quick as possible.

In EaW I have noticed a trend with the empire, where you have to huddle units around repair/bacta stations and run interference with heroes to hold off that first wave when you land on a planet. On some planets there is no hope of saving any native species fighting for you on the surface.

The enemy always throws nearly everything they have at your landing site, and only then go on defense. By that time it's too late, they've squandered their advantage and I just keep pushing forward building turrets as I go. I always go around and build them on any pad I can find(in defensive patterns, with fall back clusters of repair/bacta stations), so the defense of the planet is alot easier.

Muunilist is one of the easiest planets to defend if you build on all the pads(and funniest to play when a raid fleet attacks it, because they die so very easily and within minutes), and then toss up a big turret system, the generator is also placed underneath the shield itself and has one of those turrets right beside it. It doesn't have an abandoned sensor station if it's controlled by the ZC though and if the rebels have the Gargantuan on the planet it will always be positioned beside the station.

User Info: Mogan

9 years ago#16
"EaW took alot of it's cues from Warhammer 40k in terms of gameplay"

Except the part where DoW was good, Empire at War missed that one.
I agree with the TC, the campaign AI is pretty pants. I beat both sides, but it did piss me off that the enemy could just generate units at seemingly any planet they wanted.
You want a good space based RTS, get Sins of a Solar Empire (though its actually more of a 4X than an RTS).
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