single greatest unit in the game....

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User Info: Algolagnia

9 years ago#11
They're pretty stupid though, at least in KotOR. A few mines, and saber throws is all it takes.

User Info: Sierra_Alpha

9 years ago#12
Or like that Sith chicks (forgot name) her pet rancored is named Cuddles! lol

User Info: EZXSniperZzz

9 years ago#13
official- Darth Vader
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User Info: Algolagnia

9 years ago#14

Sierra_Alpha posted...
Yeah the ZC has really good heros. My favorite is IG-88. I seem to be the only player that knows who to use him very well.

And you cannot use Ben in Campaign.

I've been using IG-88 quite a bit, he's better at killing infantry than most heroes I have seen. In one game Vader came into my base and died almost immediately due to a single squad firing disruptors, and IG-88 blasting him also. Very underpowered in my opinion, but the ZC is so overpowered in many aspects it's no wonder Vader can't compete.

A single canderous squad can usually conquer every planet I land on by themselves. The rebels are the only ones who can really fight them effectively with Plex Soldiers, the empire just crumbles under the firepower of the three tanks. Silri is good, but I dislike the rancors they are too slow and only effective against large numbers of infantry if you walk all over them which can be tricky when they constantly retreat. Life Drain is the only redeeming factor on the Nightsisters/Silri herself still wondering how she drains life from vehicles though.

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  3. single greatest unit in the game....

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