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User Info: allthumbs

9 years ago#1
I don't know squat about RTS games, except that I freak out at the fast paced ones. Is this a good game to learn strategy games on, and is the pace bearable for someone who doesn't like the "go as fast as you can build it" style of game?

User Info: Algolagnia

9 years ago#2

As long as you play the campaign it moves pretty slow(even with galactic speed turned all the way up, which is the only way I play). Attacks are more predictable, and always target the same few planets.

User Info: ZetSabre

9 years ago#3
Yes this one goes slow enough to learn the RTS-mindset on ...

It doesnt 'own you as fast as mechanically possible' like Empire Earth or Galatic Battlegrounds...

granted its not a sit back and relax tea party either, you will be expected to keep up, but youll do fine even as a beginner.

Just dont walk away from your comp for 30 mins at a time...

and as you are new to RTS's ill give you one of the most important tips in the RTS universe.... manage your resources intellegently, its ok to be low on resources, even for long periods of time, but never sit with so resources at all and be trying to build >9000 things at the same time... if you get low on creds/RP/resources, whatever your RTS game of the day uses, go on the defense for a while and build up a nice stash...

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