How to zoom in on land battles

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User Info: aang1818

9 years ago#1
i was looking at this game on ign and i noticed most of their land battle footage was zoomed in and you could click targets and stuff while zoomed in. i can get this to work on space battles fine (click both mouse buttons and scroll it down) but on land battles it only lets me rotate it left and right, and won't let me get any closer to my units. i am also aware of the c and spacebar zooms, but neither of these lets you control the troops while viewing the action in this mode. anybody know how to zoom in like that on land battles?

yes i read the booklet and checked google, and i couldn't find a solution in either. thus any help here is appriciated.

User Info: Grey_soldier

9 years ago#2
I believe the mouse wheel does it.
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