I think I might buy this game

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User Info: robh6789

9 years ago#1
And I have a question, are there any glitches or bugs that ruin this game?
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User Info: Gastroid

9 years ago#2
This game? Not really.

Forces of Corruption? Nothing a simple patch that takes a minute to find and a minute to download cannot fix.
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User Info: Algolagnia

9 years ago#3
In Empire at War, the Rebel campaign you will occasionally be attacked around the time Kashykk opens as a quest option by large empire forces every 40 seconds to 1 minute but reloading a previous save, or starting over generally fixes it.

User Info: doubledoi

9 years ago#4

there are no glithces as far as im aware of. however, i do not recomend this game. I was actually thinking of how cool an rts star wars game would be way before this game came out. This is the game i have been waiting for, but its not nearly as good as the critics say it is. the land battles aren't even rts, because its all about who has more troops and not about strategy. The space battles are difficult and hard to get a hang of. There are alot of things they could have done better in this game and i hope they make another game like this fixing those problems. as far as rts goes, dont waste ur money on this game and buy either red alert 2, age of empires or star craft. empire at war doesnt compare to those games

User Info: Raptir87

9 years ago#5
That's absolutely not true, Doubledoi. I've taken out forces that were much larger than mine by working strategically, building turrets and luring enemies back to them, keeping Bacta Tanks and Repair Stations around and retreating to those if I take too much damage. If anything, I'd say that the space battles require much less strategy. Just send your anti-fighter ships against the fighters, your anti-base ships against the bases, and your anti-capital ship ships against the capital ships and hope that you can out gun them. It's a great RTS if you like the 4X genre as well, as the Galactic Conquest mode is a hybrid of the two genres.

I will say that the land battles play out a bit more like a tactics game, unlike most RTSs where it all comes down to who can harvest resources the fastest and build up and army the quickest.
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  3. I think I might buy this game

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