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User Info: Algolagnia

9 years ago#1

A planet similar to Bespin has been located just outside our galaxy, complete with methane gas.

User Info: Peter_Griffin33

9 years ago#2
Lando Calrissian will be contacting us soon.

User Info: nala2624

9 years ago#3
Don't let Vader know, or Han'll get frozen... again.

User Info: NeoBasilisk

9 years ago#4
I assume you mean outside of our solar system, not our galaxy.
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User Info: Gastroid

9 years ago#5
If it was outside of our galaxy, we would be in for some pretty neat stuff. It is hard enough to find a planet only a few lightyears away, but outside of our galaxy, the Milky Way? Impressive.

Please note the sarcasm radiating from all sides of this post.
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User Info: kanharn

9 years ago#6

Your all a bunch of Idiots,

Its not real, Its a game :P

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