Huge problem pleaseeee help!

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  3. Huge problem pleaseeee help!

User Info: Gand190

7 years ago#1

Ok so i screwed up :(. I was modding the game and to make sure i didnt do any damage perm to it i made backup of the whole entire game..... Then when i deleted the game from control panel/add or remove programs. It left the one on my windows so i deleted that one to recycle bin and deleted everything in the recycle bin... problem is i am trying to reinstall it but it still says its installed when i deleted everything of it from local disk/program files/lucasarts of the game and it still says its installed. I heard that when you delete things from the recycle bin there not totally gone. So if this is true can someone tell me how to get to where the recycle bin deletes its things to??? PLEASE HELP ME

User Info: ash-122

7 years ago#2
Do a complete wipe or reboot that's the only thing that's ever worked for me. If you want to keep save data make disk copies of them then wipe your pc.
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User Info: khornedeadra

7 years ago#3

look in your registry

User Info: gorrrd

7 years ago#4
yeah deleting things from your programs directory without running the uninstalling will give you this problem with just about every program or game. what you need to do is clean out your registry to remove the keys that would have been removed by the uninstaller. there are plenty of free registry cleaner tools available use google for that.

of course you can also reformat and reinstall windows but you dont really need to do that to fix this problem.
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  3. Huge problem pleaseeee help!

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