Galatic Conquest Tips, (for me).

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User Info: EpicKingdom_

5 years ago#1
I have tried a million Conquest attempts, I usually get over-powered by attacks & can't fortify all of my controlled planets & can never play a ground game with ease. So far so good on the current Conquest I'm playing on medium as the Rebellion but my issues are starting to rise.

(Forgot map name but I believe it has 21 planets & it's focused on Crouscant).
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User Info: WightKnigjht

5 years ago#2
start out slow than ramp up by keeping your fleets spread out. focus your main fleet at the planet that gets attacked most often and put your secondary fleets at the planets where the enemy attacks but not as often. upgrade all of your stations to the maximum that is allowed and plan your defenses strategically. Remember there is no shame in retreating and then coming back with a reinforced fleet. always keep a garrison on the planet at all times so that you can defend yourself from the enemy if and when they invade. Another strategy is to keep the enemy on the defensive by attacking his undefended worlds. this will force the computer to focus on your fleet orbiting his world and this will give you time to either complete your defenses or bring in an invasion fleet.
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