Nintendo DS Wi-Fi FAQ *Please read before posting a Wi-Fi question*

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User Info: Pokeclipse

12 years ago#1
Hopefully this small FAQ will answer a lot of people's questions about the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. If you don't find the answer to your question here, then by all means post it and I or someone else will try to help you. Just be sure to post as much information as possible, such as the error number, router model, etc.

0. Table of Contents (You're reading it.)

1. About Nintendo WFC
a. What is it?
b. What's Wi-Fi?
c. What games are compatible with it?

2. Setting Up
a. What do I need to get started playing?
b. What type of router should I get?
c. Can I use a dial-up connection with WFC?
d. How do I set up my router/USB Connector?
e. Help! Something's not working!

3. Playing Games Online
a. Communication
b. Offensive Material
c. Common Problems Encountered

4. Wrap-Up
a. Helpful Links
b. Thanks

---------BEGIN FAQ---------

[1] About Nintendo WFC

[1a] What is it?

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is a free service that allows the DS to connect to the internet to play select multiplayer games with people around the world.

[1b] What's Wi-Fi?

The unofficial full name for it is Wireless Fidelity. It basically allows a device to connect to the internet wirelessly. This is done via a hotspot, the area which the Wi-Fi signal reaches throughout. Creating the hotspot is a device called a wireless router (which I'll refer to as just "router" from now on), which itself is connected to the internet. The router, essentially, broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal for enabled devices, in this case the DS, to use. This means that the DS already has everything it needs to connect to the internet, it's up to you to fit the missing pieces into place.

One more thing: Just to be clear, a wireless router isn't actually wireless. It broadcasts a wireless signal.

[1c] What games are compatible with it?

Currently, the list consists of Mario Kart DS, Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, Animal Crossing Wild World, and the upcoming Metroid Prime Hunters. Expect more titles to be announced in the near future. Also, older multiplayer DS/GBA games will NOT work over the WFC. Check the stickied DS Multiplayer FAQ for more information about upcoming titles, Wi-Fi enabled and otherwise.

User Info: Pokeclipse

12 years ago#2
[2] Setting Up

[2a] What do I need to get started playing?

You'll need:

- A DS and a Wi-Fi compatible game
- Either a wireless router or Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector
- Broadband internet connection
- Windows XP if you wish to use the USB Connector

If you want the cheapest and easiest option, I recommend the USB Connector. Be warned though, it only works with the DS and (probably) the upcoming Revolution console, so you won't be able to connect using laptops, etc. If you wish to order it online, here's the link:
Also, people have reported seeing them being sold at places like Best Buy, so you might want to try around your area.

A wireless router is, as I said, also an option. It might be a bit harder to set up, but you'll be able to use other devices than the DS with it. Look for one at any retail store like Wal-Mart or Best Buy. You might be able to snag a bargain for one for around $30.

Also, many places like McDonald's, Starbucks Coffee, and cafes have wireless hotspots that you can use your DS or other device with. Just ask an employee for any special instructions, such as a WEP key, etc. This means you may have to buy something.

[2b] What type of router should I get?

Check out this page:

Those are just the routers that have been tested so far. I'd recommend either a Linksys one or a Motorola one. I have the latter, and it works perfectly. Before you go out and buy one though, try searching for an access point with your DS. You might find that you already have a router. Try not to hijack your neighbor's connection though.

[2c] Can I use a dial-up connection with WFC?

There have been scattered reports of people getting it to work, but it's not recommended, because the lag would be so great that the game would not be enjoyable for anyone involved. If you must play, either upgrade to broadband (if possible) or search for a local hotspot:

[2d] How do I set up my router/USB Connector?

For the first, follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Of course, a lot of routers these days come with installation CDs that will walk you through the setup process, step by step.

If you still need help, try this site:,1759,1277381,00.asp

In the case of the USB adapter, insert the CD that's included with it, and follow the wizard, inserting the Connector when prompted.

[2e] Help! Something's not working!

Try going to

One common error is the "Internet Connection Sharing" error, gotten with the USB Connector. A solution that's worked for a friend of mine is to install the Connector to a different computer, preferably the one that's connected directly to your modem.

If you're having trouble connecting to a router, it may use WEP encryption. Just go to Nintendo WFC Settings in your game, click the faulty connection, and manually enter the WEP key. If you're unsure of it, it's probably set to a default value. Check your router's manual (or ask the person who set it up) for more information.

If you're still having trouble, they don't call this a FAQ for nothing. I said it once, I'll say it again: FEEL FREE TO ASK FOR HELP! I or someone else will be happy to try to assist you.

User Info: Pokeclipse

12 years ago#3
[3] Playing Games Online

[3a] Communication

According to Nintendo, there will be three levels of communication in WFC games:

Open Communication - Use on-screen keyboard to type messages.

Closed Communication - Choose from set of predetermined messages to send.

No Communication - Do you really need an explanation?

Voice chat is still a faint possibility in the future, as Nintendo showed off a VoIp (Voice Over IP, basically internet voice chat) tech demo at E3 2005.

[3b] Offensive Material

One may encounter inappropriate content when playing WFC games. The best thing to do would be either disconnect from the session, or simply ignore it. If you must report it to Nintendo, send them an email stating any information about the individual you can, with a phrase at the end of the message: NO NEED TO RESPOND, JUST WANTED TO REPORT THIS.

That probably won't get you anywhere though, as Nintendo would likely require a Friend Code, IP address, etc.

[3c] Common Problems Encountered

First off, lag. Take Mario Kart DS for example. If you see someone zipping across the track at teleportation-like speeds, or falling off the edge and reappearing on the track instantaneously, it's probably lag, caused by a connection quality difference between you and your opponent(s). The chance of it being actual cheating using an Action Replay or other device is extremely minimal.

Another problem would be people disconnecting. It's a fact of life, deal with it. Perhaps in future WFC titles, developers will compensate the players that stay in the match.

One more thing. Connection errors. They're most likely caused by connection issues on your end. Check out this page, hopefully your problem will be solved:

[4] Wrap-Up

[4a] Helpful Links

These are some nice resources that you can use to get more information about WFC and Wi-Fi.

[4b] Thanks

I'd like to thank the following:

- GameFAQs (including all its users)

- Bones0 (His MKDS sticky topic partly inspired me to type this up)

- The guy over there in the corner. >_>

- Nintendo (for finally stepping into the online gaming frontier)

- The Nintendo NSider Forums (I got some material from a FAQ I wrote there)

ONE LAST THING: FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS FAQ! Seriously, any and all help is appreciated.

User Info: Blarrrg_The_2nd

12 years ago#4
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User Info: Pokeclipse

12 years ago#5
^ Heh... Your post count... you'd make LUE proud. Or any Hitchhiker's fan.

User Info: Blarrrg_The_2nd

12 years ago#6
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User Info: jokerz_13

12 years ago#7
Hey finally got stickied? lol

User Info: Pwner_of_n00bs

12 years ago#8
I have Error Code: 52000 come up whenever the system does the check. What am I doing wrong?

User Info: Pokeclipse

12 years ago#9

Error Code: 52000-52003

The DHCP settings of the access point and DS don't appear to be compatible.
What to do:

If you have multiple connection files saved to your Nintendo DS, the error message you received can help determine which connection file may be experiencing a problem:
o Errors ending in 0 = connection file 1
o Errors ending in 1 = connection file 2
o Errors ending in 2 = connection file 3
o Errors ending in 3 = Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

* Please check the DHCP settings of your router and try again. If you need assistance, click here and select your router manufacturer and model number. If available, our router pages can provide specific information on where to locate your router's DHCP settings.

What is DHCP?
DHCP is a setting, typically "enabled" by default, that lets your router automatically assign IP addresses to the devices connected to it. This option is a setting for advanced users, and normally should be set "enabled." If you prefer to have your router's DHCP set to "disable," you will need to enter a valid IP address on the Nintendo DS, through the "manual settings" option. For information on how to do this, click here.

* There may be a firewall (hardware or software) interfering with the connection. For information on firewalls and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, please click here.

Basically, the problem is probably that you have a firewall that's interfering with the connection. Try turning off the computer that's connected to the modem and try again. Or just disable the firewall.

User Info: maga power

maga power
12 years ago#10
alright, it got stickied this time :D
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