Nintendo DS Wi-Fi FAQ *Please read before posting a Wi-Fi question*

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User Info: Duke_Oliver

7 years ago#351
Earthbounding (verb) - a dumb term created by bitter people to senselessly bash a great game.

User Info: AnimeXZ

7 years ago#352
I've been trying to set up my DS WIFI forever. Ok so I found an access point and it's the one with a red lock. I got the WEP key, but then it says that the IP Address is wrong. So I do the whole thing by going to Run, cmd, IPCONFIG/ALL and I put down everything. I made sure the IP was 10 more than the one on the pc. Now error 52102 keeps showing up. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.

User Info: atwyatt

7 years ago#353
Thanks for the FAQ

User Info: pup daddy

pup daddy
7 years ago#354
Hi guys, i'm using WPA security for my new router, i can't connect to the DS wifi at all now.
Tried manually configuring the IP settings, etc as well but no connection still. Is it possible to get online with WPA?
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User Info: TOMSPY77

7 years ago#355
OK bought a router today and both the Wii and my PSP 3000 were able to context by searching for my SSID, but my DS Lite keeps on giving error message 51099, or gives the message "The access point's security settings are not supported bt the DS..."

I'm totally new to routers and the Google searches I did are not paying off. Although I am by no means totally dumb or tech stupid I'd like to know in English what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it.

Thank you in advance.
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User Info: The_Eternalist

7 years ago#356
Excellent FAQ, thank you!
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User Info: Rikabu_27

7 years ago#357
So I checked on for any connection near me and looks like there isn't any in my country =( . So I bought an internet wireless router, yet, it still can't connect my DS to the internet........
Solutions ?
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User Info: kimimi

7 years ago#358
I have a DSi, I don't know if that'll make a difference or not (I doubt it will...)

Okay, I have a linksys WRT160N router, and it will only let me connect to it through advanced settings. Whenever I go to Setup 1, search for an access point, I can always find it but it says I need to go to advanced settings to connect.

So I do and get it going and it works great. I can get on the DSi shop fine and all. Then I try to play Pokemon Platinum, and go to the WFC setup, search for an access point and find it, enter the correct WEP code, and it says it's unable to connect. Is my router the problem? And is there a way to fix it?

I'm having almost exactly the same problem, but with a Belkin router. I can connect to the DSi shop and download all day long, but my DSi won't connect to any DS game - I always get the "Unable to obtain an IP address" error. My PSP, 360, PS3, laptops, etc all connect to the same router without any problems at all, it's just the DSi (and my previous DSLite too). Although the DSi has both standard and advanced connection settings, the details entered are identical. Can anyone help? I'm dying to run through PS0 with my brother :)
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User Info: DigiDude77

7 years ago#359
Regular DS, WRT54GS Linksys Router.

Had No Issues a year ago accessing my wireless, decided to pick up my DS and now it wont work. (Doesnt even get a single bar)

Continuously getting 51300/51301 errors.

The WEP key is correct, Tried every fix posted on the official site, nothing is working >_< Anyone happen to know what might work in fixing it?
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User Info: FierceHitman

7 years ago#360
To get online with my ds it says i need to switch my security settings to wep from wpa type of security. Lets say I do this, then as soon as im done playing online with the ds I switch back to the wpa settings. Will anything get messed up? Or will the old wpa configurations just automatically go back to what they were before I messed around with stuff?
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