Nintendo DS Wi-Fi FAQ *Please read before posting a Wi-Fi question*

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User Info: sugar_junkie_89

7 years ago#361
I have a DSi, I don't know if that'll make a difference or not (I doubt it will...)

Okay, I have a linksys WRT160N router, and it will only let me connect to it through advanced settings. Whenever I go to Setup 1, search for an access point, I can always find it but it says I need to go to advanced settings to connect.

So I do and get it going and it works great. I can get on the DSi shop fine and all. Then I try to play Pokemon Platinum, and go to the WFC setup, search for an access point and find it, enter the correct WEP code, and it says it's unable to connect. Is my router the problem? And is there a way to fix it?

I'm having the exact same problem with Pokemon Diamond and my DSi... Any advice?
the ultimate evil 7 years ago#362
does anyone know if the usb router works on a windows 7 laptop. it's the only way i can get my ds online

i still think it was moronic nintendo didn't make the ds/lite wpa compatible
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User Info: PlatinumBD

7 years ago#363
It's saying my settings are invalid after I put in my WEP. What's going on?
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User Info: baobab524

7 years ago#364
If you're having problems with the Connection Settings manager saying that your WEP key is "invalid," I had the same issue, but here's the fix:

It's likely because the security settings of the network you're trying to use are set to WPA, WPA2, etc., and WEP is the only security protocol compatible with the DS/DS Lite.

If the wireless network is OWNED by YOU:
You can change your router's security settings by going to, entering the user name and password (NOT your network's security key!) you created when you first installed the router, and changing its security protocol from WPA/etc. to WEP. If you do, however, make note of the new security key - you don't have to change your passphrase, but your security key (the key that you actually type in to connect to the network wirelessly) will automatically change

'passphrase' --> [encryption] --> 'encrypted passphrase' = 'security key'

If you're changing the encryption protocol from Something to Something Else, your passphrase will be translated differently into your security key, and your security key is what you need for a network connection.

... In short, if you change your security to WEP, the menu will spit out a new string of numbers and letters in the "Key" box. WRITE IT DOWN! That garbled mess of numbers and letters will be what you type into your DS when you set up the connection. Also, afterwards, any computers that usually auto-connect to your wireless network will need to have the stored security key in their wireless auto-connect settings for your network updated with the new WEP key.

Anywho, it sounds way more complicated than it is - it's, like, three clicks, and then updating a password.

If the wireless network is NOT OWNED by YOU:
*** If you're trying to access the private wireless network hosted by your university campus, or your next-door neighbor's house, for example...

One option is the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector: if your computer is connected to the internet via ethernet cable (i.e. plugged into the wall or a small plastic box that emits Internets), or is connected to the internet via wireless that you can't access on your DS for some reason ("private"/"restricted" network or some crap), this basically grants you your own personal wifi hotspot for Wii/DS online play (within a range of 30~50 feet).

Another option is to purchase a wireless router and set up your own wireless network. Don't buy a friggin' router just for your DS, though. Unsecured wireless networks are what neighbors are for.

If your residential campus network is like mine and requires that you register every electronic device that touches the interwebs with a student ID or other login credentials, there's a handful of complex workaround solutions that might enable DS wireless play, but before you try any of those, APPROACH the campus' residential tech/networking office (via e-mail and/or in meatspace) and ASK them very nicely to manually register your DS/Wii's MAC address under a student ID (presumably yours).

Your system's MAC address can be found under 'Nintendo Wi-fi Connection Settings' --> 'Options' --> 'System Information'.

Just for good measure, here's Nintendo's official DS online support site, as well as their WEP/WPA security FAQ:

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User Info: HurricaneManning

7 years ago#365
So my router is set up for WPA but changing it around is not really an option since I'm not the one who set it up. Any way around this with my DS phat? Or am I just doomed.
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User Info: baobab524

7 years ago#366

Ecch, I think you might be outta luck, then, unless you happen to have an AOSS-compatible router (looks like one of these: HOWEVER, what you CAN do is pick up a wireless adapter from Buffalo Technology (, plug it in, and set up a WEP-secured AOSS access point (which will piggyback on your existing router's connection), which should be immediately visible to your DS. Buffalo Tech is toting the AOSS stuff as one-click-magical, too, so it should be pretty simple.

There's also the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Adapter, which also piggybacks on your existing router connection and disregards the router's security configuration.

More info on AOSS. Yay, links!

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User Info: PlatinumBD

7 years ago#367
So could I pick up the USB Connector at say...Gamestop?
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User Info: baobab524

7 years ago#368
Their website says the USB wifi adapter is 'Currently not available online', but you can check for in-store availability. I'd go with Amazon, personally.
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User Info: shadow5747

7 years ago#369
I bought my ds lite from japan. Will it still be able to connect to nintendo wifi in the UK?

User Info: Piccolo113

7 years ago#370
Alrighty, I have an interesting problem.

I have my DSi setup to connect to my WPA2 Personal connection, all ip/dns/etc settings detected automatically, password used of course. Works perfectly fine for an internet connection.

If I setup the DSi to use WEP, though, so I can connect with games like Pokemon, it fails to connect, even though I've got the WEP key setup properly.

Two questions: How is it that I can get it to properly connect to the higher-security settings, but not WEP? And how do I get it to actually work?

MAC Filter is set to allow my DSi to connect, WEP encryption is 64 bits 10 hex digits.

This makes no sense to me. I've got all the settings right, I think. Do I need to manually enter in the IP address, DNS servers, default gateway and such?
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