Any DSIWare game regrets?

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User Info: PitfallMario

6 years ago#1
I think one of the major drawbacks to buying a DSIWare game is that you can't sell/trade it back if it ends up being a dud. If any, what are your game regrets?
Mine are...
1. Art Style: Boxlife (too tedious, I wish you could just highlight the squares instead of having to switch to the scissors all the time).
2. Face Pilot (the camera controls are absolutely horrible, what was I thinking!)
3. Ivy the Kiwi?Mini (thought is going to be more like Kirby's Canvas Curse)
4. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (I know this is a popular game but I can't seem to get into when the puzzles are bigger than your screen. I hate having pan the screen while you still have to lead your Marios.)
5. Soul of Darkness (it was somewhat entertaining but I was mislead to believe that this was a Metroidvania. This is NOT a Metroidvania but rather a knockoff of the old style NES Castlevania).

User Info: ffl2and3rocks

6 years ago#2
Mario Calculator.

I wanted Mario Clock but wasn't paying attention.
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User Info: gamester_12345

6 years ago#3
Dragon Quest Wars (gameplay is sort of bland, gets too old quickly, never even touched the multiplayer)
Mario Vs Donkey Kong (just couldn't get into the puzzles past a certain extent)

other than those 2, the other games are alright.
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User Info: FrankGrimey

6 years ago#4
Maybe a few...for one, the word search game...I thought it'd be like Bookworm..but's an overpriced no frills word search "game."
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User Info: Northern_Rose

6 years ago#5
Cave Story - Now I know people love this game and im not saying its a bad game at all. But IMO its seriously over priced at 1000 points. A free PC game costing 10$ for a digital download seams a bit steep. I would feel better about it if it was only 500 points.

Dracula: Undead Awakening - 500 points for a game with only 3 maps and 3 game modes. I do love the shoot em up style (Smash TV) of the game play (I miss games like this) but what you get for 5$ is only worth about 2$ Its seriously lacking some content.

G.G Series: Z-One - I was looking for a cheep SHMUP and saw this side scroller and thought it could be fun. Well it could have been fun if the developers wernt smoking crack when they made the controles for it. pressing back to shot forword, down to shot up etc etc SUCKS and is made even worse by some of the maze like maps of the game. With such narrow paths there just isent enough room to avoid crashing while trying to change the direction you are shoting. Thank god it was only 200 points.

P.S. I have 200 points left and was looking at G.G Series: Dark Spirits but can anyone tell me if the controles are like Z-One or not, as I do not want to have 2 games with controles I cant stand.
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User Info: ErrorSupply

6 years ago#6
Dark Spirits has more traditional controls, though it has its own unique twist. I preferred it much more than Z-One, but i personally found the controls in Z-One to be enjoyable. As long as you hold down the fire button your pod will stay locked in that direction, so occasionally tapping a direction to adjust the aim was not an issue at all to me.

User Info: Northern_Rose

6 years ago#7
Oh yes, it wasnt a bad game (its 200 points lol you get what you pay for) And the "lock" button helps big time. It was just anoying to press in the other direction to shot but still very playable. But the high speed maze levels were a LOT more difficult than they needed to be. A LOT of times it came down to a split second to make a choice between running into a wall in an attempt to change the direction you were shooting or getting shot because you left too many badies alive. (I have a hard enough time avoiding the walls hehe)
I am what I am and what I am, is me.

User Info: enigmaopoeia

6 years ago#8
The only DSiWare game I regret purchasing is Mighty Flip Champs! It's not my cup of tea.
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