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Weird question about Castlevania DoSPutzzz46/1 7:47PM
Is there a way to remove the pre-installed apps from DSi XL?Martin Pagan16/1 7:27AM
Aw man, my freakin' hinge cracked all of a sudden
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
GodotBlend_107225/29 5:09PM
Is the Pal Dragon Quest 6 the same as the US version?SaturnSnowman65/11 8:42AM
Want to get an Action replay for DQIX, which one should I get?Darkastral15/9 8:47PM
I wonder if maybe GBA games should've been programmed this wayBalloonBattle0525/7 7:54PM
Should I get a Ds lite used for 20$ usdpokenerd45694/30 3:48PM
I got a DSi in 2012. I never did a system update, not even onceFulswick94/28 8:09AM
should i get the ds or the ds lite ?imderfnzxxx74/27 5:31PM
Need help! Concerns Rune Factory 1golby26044/27 12:08PM
Is it strange how much i love the ds phatFelineCyborg84/24 7:45PM
Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow vs Megaman ZXSinestro_Corps64/20 7:31AM
Suggest a couple of games please
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
bouchart204/17 2:03PM
Its kind of fascinating how much the world ends with you has agedFelineCyborg24/13 12:11PM
Last game released on DS?BalloonBattle0574/11 4:58AM
I finished the 2 big RPGS (TWEWY + Historia) - more original RPGs out there ?Paraxes94/9 2:22AM
Is Kingdom Hearts DS worth getting if you have the HD cutscene version?SaturnSnowman104/8 2:51AM
Who here likes Radiant Historia?Rango84/5 11:32AM
It sucks that the Nintendo Channel went downBalloonBattle0524/2 9:06PM
Best DS game vs best 3DS gameQuesoBlanco13/31 1:41PM
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