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User Info: Geesterix

9 years ago#1

I seem to be having an issue that basically makes ship design useless for me. For some reason, the standard generic models that the game offers up (destroyers, drednaughts, rangers, battleaxes, etc.) all seem to be able to hold more stuff on their hulls (weapons, shielding, etc.) than any of my designs can. I have maxed out miniatization so I don't see why this would be a problem. So basically, I come up with these really aesthetically cool ships with cool names, but end up having to use the boring default ships because they're always (seemingly impossibly so) more powerrful. Even when I take one of the generic templates say for a drednaught, I can't put the same things on it that the game has. It's strange & frustrating. Anyone know what's going on?

User Info: willythemailboy

9 years ago#2
Are you playing Twilight? There's a known issue with the automatic ship designer that causes this. Basically, the game is not resizing components to match hull size on the auto design ships. Hopefully this is high on the list of things being fixed in the 2.0 patch.
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User Info: Geesterix

9 years ago#3
Hmmm, Ok. Ya, I'm playing the twilight expansion. Thanks for responding man!

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