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User Info: jjules_2002

9 years ago#1
I'm just stuck in this place and can't figure out what I'm supposed to do... if anyone can shead some light I'd appreciate it... I might have figured it out and didn't know it but not sure the only way out that I can find is the way that I came in.... any idea?

User Info: Jebs123

9 years ago#2
If I'm thinking right about the place you're talking about, I think you have to go back a map screen or two and find a door that has the light symbol on it. (After you've unlocked the light spell). Use it on the door and go through. If it isn't the place you're talking about, nevermind.

User Info: ThaiUser

9 years ago#3
It is not difficult but you may need a little guide.

From start, you go to red warp at the bottom right which is behind the secret path. Then you will be at the next map to kill a boss and go on. Though, you may want to wander around the map a bit because there are couple hidden items you may want to get especially some spells & equipment (drop only from mobs).

User Info: ThaiUser

9 years ago#4
I just realized that you may talk about how to get to Parallel Labyrinth map. There is no fix way to get there, but I will tell you my method that usually work for me even though it is not 100%.

1) stay in Blue Crystal map
2) go into the red warp which is just south of the save spot, the one you will be warp back to the save spot
3) keep going back to that spot at least 5 times
4) if you are warped to the hidden place in the map before 5 times count, you may have to change the map, come back, and start all over again
5) after you have gone through the red warp for at least 5 times, go to the bottom right of the map and use the red warp there (in secret path)

It seems to me that the more times you go through the same red warp and are unsuccessfully warped to different spot rather than the usual spot it goes, the higher chance you will be warped to Parallel Labyrinth map.

Also, be careful mobs in the map. They hit hard. I once went there at level 36 and died quick when I fought the first mob I see (yellow crystal). Be sure to use trap spell to check whether a chest is trapped. Also, There is no save spot in the map, so you better try to get as much as you can out of the map (chest - Falcon armor | drop - invisible stone 1, invisible stone 2, black armor, and white stone ring) before you leave.
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