Best Girl to Marry??

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User Info: Aammzz

9 years ago#1
I dont know, i mean i have all 60 spirites and now i have to marry, LOL! I am Second guess between
Nami, Lumina, Or Celia. Lol. Whats your favorite harvest moon girl?

There is:
The Witch
Hm Goddess
{Mineral Town Girls}

User Info: masterofmon

9 years ago#2
Leia. Why does everyone go with the normal girls? They're so easy to marry!
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User Info: heylola2

9 years ago#3
acww=lola@hawaii fc=3007-6908-6698
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User Info: MusicalChatot

9 years ago#4
Muffy? XDDDDD My cousin wants to marry Muffy.

I have Flora at red heart level but only have 47 sprites DX
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User Info: smartiicle

9 years ago#5
Leia...Or Celia
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User Info: masterofmon

9 years ago#6
Leia! She and the Which Princess are the best looking, but the Which Princess has INSANE requirements!!
masterofmon: You're my favorite superhero too! :D - Billy, ZOMGZ!! *fangirl scream* *faints*
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User Info: cornlass124

9 years ago#7
Flora, i mean you cant expect her to spend her whole life living in a tent with Carter
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User Info: Unicorn_Fire

9 years ago#8
*drags out old rant*

Depends on what you want and opinion. Here's what I think about each girl and how hard she is to woo.

Celia - The classic HM girl. She used to live in the city but moved to the country-side because of health issues. Celia is quite sweet but a bit bland. She's obsessed with orange and potato peels and the way they clean up oil.

Difficulty level: Medium. She's not picky, especially when it comes to cooked items. She likes all crops except for eggplant and likes most dairy and sheep products. She loves perfume, yarn, curry bread, diamonds (both pink and regular), Risotto, all sorts of curry, Doria, Grautin, and Elli Leaves. Her favorite gift is cake.

Child: Looks a lot like Celia herself with brown hair and eyes. Is clad in a green and brown color scheme.

Rival - Marlin
Flora - A quiet girl who works with Carter. Not really much to say about her. Flora is nice but a terrible cook. The least interesting girl, in my opinion, though that doesn't mean she's a bad choice for marriage, especially since she and her child are the most attractive.

Difficulty level: Medium. She's a bit more picky than Celia, but her tastes are quite easy to achieve. She's a fan of chocolate and wine, which can be purchased. She's also a fan of just about any crop under the sun and loves every version of curry. Her other +500LP items are fish fossil, diamonds (both colors), and Lithograph. Her favorite gift is Rainbow Curry.

Child - He inherits Flora's blond hair, pale skin, and violet eyes, which I'm a sucker for. XP IMO, her son is adorable and her daughter in DS:Cute (which you get either randomly when marrying Steiner or if you marry Carter) is beautiful. ^_^

Rival: Carter. Ewww, and he's like, 50 and she's like, 22! >_<

Note: Woo Flora to blue heart, no matter who you're marrying. Her blue heart event unlocks the first hot spring, which will come in handy.


Lumina - A polite girl who is a talented pianist. Her grandmother wants her to be a proper lady while Lumina herself does not. The young woman lost her parents when she was young (I'm not sure if it's explained in this game) and personally, I think she looked cuter when she was young.

Difficulty level - Medium high. Her tastes are bit more classy than Flora and Celia's, but still not too hard. She likes all sorts of flowers and sweets such as cookies. She also likes jewels, sheep products, chocolate, and many recipes. Her restricted 500+LP section is what earns her the rating she got. The only non-recipe items here are perfume and diamonds (both colors). The recipe items are the following: Omelet, Omelet Rice, Risotto, Dry Curry, Rainbow Curry, Ultimate Curry, Finest Curry, Baked Yam, Doria, Grautin, Sweet Potatoes, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Milk, and Relaxtea leaves. Her favorite gift is Relaxtea which is fairly hard to obtain.

Child - I'm not a big fan of Lumina's son. He inherits Lumina's hazel eyes and light brown hair, which I like, but I don't like the green and orange color scheme. My opinion, of course.

Rival: Rock. I don't think they're a good match.

Any more text and this won't fit, so to be continued. :P
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User Info: Unicorn_Fire

9 years ago#9
Continued! Also, typo in the last part. Lumina's difficulty rating is High Medium. :P

Muffy - The ditzy blond girl. She works at the bar and is quite a flirt. She's my least favorite bachelorette. Not much else to say.

Difficulty level: Low. She may not have many liked gifts, but they're all easy to obtain. She likes chocolate, moondrop flowers, flour, and fruit such as pineapple. She loves wine, large fish, matsutake, jewelry, perfume, and diamonds. Her favorite gift is Apple Pie.

Child - Blond hair and green eyes. Quite cute with a red and blue color scheme.

Nami - A quiet loner. Nami is quite cold in the beginning but starts to warm up as you become friends. She wandered a lot before settling down in Forget-me-Not valley. My favorite normal bachelorette.

Difficulty level - Medium to high. Nami is a lot more picky than the others. She likes fish, dog balls (why? >_>), wine, and jewels. Her +500 items are Wild Grape, Grape, Red Magicgrass Flower, Spring Sun, Summer Sun, Fall Sun, Winter Sun, Lithograph, Curry Bread, Tempura, Hot Chocolate, Stew, Curry Rice, Apple Pie, and Grape Juice. Her favorite item is Gratin.

Child - Second cutest IMO. His eyes and hair are blue and scarlet while his color scheme is the same as his mother's.

Special girls

Harvest Goddess - Vain and selfish? Check. A damsel in distress who needs your help to be saved because her sworn rival sealed her off? Check. Has extremely hard requirements and after you marry her, she doesn't even live with you? Check. These are all qualities of this lovely lady. I hate her, but she is pretty and if you want a challenge, the HG is the way to go.

Difficulty level - Extremely high. Not only if the Goddess the pickiest bachelorette (The only things she likes are things from your farm and flowers, while her 500+LP gifts and her favorite gifts are pineapples and strawberries), but she's almost IMPOSSIBLE to marry with insane requirements. In fact, she is impossible in the earlier versions of the game, since you can't complete the mining list. She also doesn't live with you after you FINALLY marry this high and mighty woman. In a short: She ain't worth it.

Child - Random.


Final part since I'm not gonna review the Mineral Town girls because the game ends if you marry them.
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User Info: Unicorn_Fire

9 years ago#10
Final part since I'm not gonna review the Mineral Town girls.

Leia - Ooh, she's a mermaid! Seriously, mermaids are awesome and I like her peppy personality. :>

Difficulty - Very easy. She's picky but her favorite gift is very easy to get: Large Fish. All you need is to upgrade your rod and fish. :D

Child - Random.

Note: Before she'll marry you, you need a fish pond. Also, get her to red heart before activating her yellow event and she's gone forever if your fish pond gets destroyed. So yeah. TAKE CARE OF HER LULZ.

Witch Princess - My favorite DS bachelorette, even though she's hard to marry. She was the one who sealed off the goddess but I thank her for that. That stupid goddess nags too much. >_> She also cursed Keira. .-. I really like her personality. I just adore Marisa, which is my nickname for the WP. <3~

Difficulty - Extremely hard with insane requirements like the goddess, except a LOT crueler. Killing off animals, littering, poisoning, it's all there. She's not too picky though. She likes grasses, loves toadstools, red grass, and golden lumber, and her favorite gift is Rainbow Curry. Not too hard.

Note: Okay, well, this isn't really important, but did you know the WP's original name was Mahou Shoujo-sama, or Magical Girl-sama?

Child - Random

Keira - This mute beauty is very mysterious. She was cast under a spell by the Witch a while back and has been living on floor 255 of the 3rd mine ever since. Poor her.

Difficulty - High purely off the fact of where she lives. Getting her gifts isn't too hard since you'll be in the mines anyway (all her favorite gifts are jewels and her best gift is golden lumber), but getting down 255 floors DAILY is a bit of a hassle. The good news is Keira has no special requirements and she does move in with you after marriage.

Child - Random.

So yeah. Depends on your tastes. :>

^^ above was written a long time ago. In a short, I say you should marry Majo-sama. She's the best bachelorette in the ENTIRE SERIES.
I set unicorns on fire for fun. :D
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