Why won't my Pinsir evolve into Heracross!?

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User Info: NMidgard

9 years ago#21
Don't listen to them noobs. This is the only legit way of getting a pinsir evolve, since usually you catch heracross and not evolve them.
First, talk to dawn/lucas' sister until they say butterfree is swarming. It's tough, I know, but just be patient. And then, you MUST catch lots of butterfree since one of them will be holding the Bug Stone that will evolve Pinsir into Heracross when traded via GTS. Just find a friend that would trade it back to you.
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User Info: Twilight_Nox

9 years ago#22
True that. A grueling process indeed, but well worth it in the end.
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User Info: ProGamer95

9 years ago#23
Yeah It took me 2 weeks to get a heracross It's tough. But you can also get a bug stone by beating the elite 4 1,000 time in a row a guy named bug man will appear at your door, beat him in a battle. he will offer you a leaf or a bug stone.

User Info: Zimonada

9 years ago#24
Why would a dude named Bug Man come if there's already a Bug - typed Elite 4? =/
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User Info: YourJanissary

9 years ago#25
It has to have ground time when you level him up.
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User Info: Lord_Yojimbo29

9 years ago#26
These people are completely lying. The real way you get a Heracross is to fight 100 battles over Wi-Fi against someone using two Rhydons. You have to use both your Pinsir and a Pikachu. Have Pikachu use his Thunderbolt to aim for the Rhydon's horn, while Pinsir just finishes them off with False Swipe. Eventually, your Pinsir will grow a horn and evolve to commemorate your victory.
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User Info: Flounder3345

9 years ago#27
No, YOU'RE ALL WRONG! You've got to go to Vermillion city, surf off the dock leading to the S.S. Anne, then use Strength on the truck. There'll be 2 items called "cipoJ ekoT" and "niW cipE". If you take the former, you have to fight a Level 943 gandob, but if you take the latter, and use it on your pinsir, it'll evolve.

Oh and to anyone who says this topic isn't funny, that's because when you were a baby your daddy and/or male gaurdian had to much to drink and broke your funny bones.
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User Info: ProGamer95

9 years ago#28
To Zimonada: Bug Man is the bug typed elite 4 grandad who disappeared 10 years ago while on an expedition to find bugtopia a secret island full of every bug type in existence and home of Insectoria the ruler of all bug types. He found bugtopia but his ship was destroyed by Insectoria and he spent the last 1o years learning to speak bug so he could ask a bunch of combee to build a platform and fly him home. Upon his arrival his grandson told him about the hero and how good you were against bug type pokemon. Determined to prove bug types are the best he comes to challenge you. After you beat him he gives you the choice of the rare leaf or bug stone and tells you his real name: Al B. Drill and tells you how to get to bugtopia.

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User Info: RWBWizard

9 years ago#29
Look, they all got it wrong. Heracross evolves from Pinser. Everyone knows that. Duh

User Info: RWBWizard

9 years ago#30
Correction- Heracross evolves into Pinser.
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