dongle method?

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User Info: Coopernub1

9 years ago#1
ya what is this and how do i do it do i just add a gba pokemon game to the gba slot of my ds and search for the pokemon becasue im trying to get an elekid


9 years ago#2
Ur username fits u cause ur too lazy to read the Faqs, or even ur own manual.
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User Info: Ice3090

9 years ago#3
dongle method...

I'm not even touching that one...
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User Info: TheGolux

9 years ago#4
I actually had a question about it, spawned from spending a long time EV Training in the Old Chateau and never seeing a Haunter or Gengar with FireRed plugged in... Are there requirements for the game used as a Dongle? Does it have to have been beaten?
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User Info: Fire_Forever

9 years ago#5
There are no requirements beyond having the gamepak in the DS slot, but Haunter is a rare encounter, and Gengar can only be found in one room (the small room with the moving eyes painting) and it's also quite rare.
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User Info: HomeRowed

9 years ago#6
You need to have the National Dex in order to get the dongle Pokemons.
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User Info: TheGolux

9 years ago#7
I thought there was an exception for the ghosts in the Old Chateau, but that would explain it.
I haven't found religion, but I have found FLCL. -ctriggercroneab
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