What does "boah" mean?

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User Info: CheapGamer

9 years ago#1
Tyraniboah, specifically.

I'm slowly but surely picking up all these crazy slang terms. >_>

User Info: Mukkubird

9 years ago#2
IIRC, 'Boah' means 'surprise' in German.
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User Info: Gormenghast2

9 years ago#3
boah boah

User Info: Aaraeus

9 years ago#4
Boas are a type of snake that are members of the Boidae family. Boas are basal snakes that are "primitive" in evolutionary terms (i.e. less derived). They are constrictors and most give birth to live young.

User Info: TrAcEsNiPe321

9 years ago#5
it is a special-based t-tar
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User Info: Setrack

9 years ago#6
in pokemon it means "wall breaker"

tyraniboah = tyranitar wall breaker
swampboah = swampert wall breaker

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User Info: Matty_G33

9 years ago#7
I thought it was:

Focus Punch
Ice Beam/Thunderbolt

Of course, Crunch either assumes you use Tyraniboah in Ubers or you are using it in 3rd Gen. Of course, this gen, you can change it to something like:

Focus Punch
Dark Pulse
Thunderbolt/Ice Beam

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User Info: Reginleif20

9 years ago#8
iirc, when it was first conceived last gen someone hollered "BOAH BOAH BOAH" in the chat of an ongoing netbattle. after that it was known as boah. yeah it sounds weird but its true
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User Info: Mirage312

9 years ago#9
IIRC, 'Boah' means 'surprise' in German.

It's not the word for surprise, just the exclamation you might make when getting surprised. And only kids and teens would use it, it's very informal.
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User Info: darkrai6875

9 years ago#10
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