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User Info: Torgunner

8 years ago#1
No. Just no. It doesn't even look like a Water OR Fighting type. It looks like a GRASS type. Wtf was Smogon smoking?
Sentret? Zigzagoon? BIDOOF? You young whippersnappers can paint a Ratatta brown, but it's still a Ratatta!-mikeburnfire

User Info: Tactisean

8 years ago#2
do you not see that its a squid/pirate?

User Info: ccSIne

8 years ago#3
I lulled when i saw it
Black Bible or Bible Black?

User Info: pikpikcarrotmon

8 years ago#4
The sprite sucks but there's no way you could be sane and mistake its original art for a grass-type.
It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide.

User Info: tempestjg

8 years ago#5
I liked that Mummy pokemon the best
Welcome to GameFAQs, where sharing an opinion is a declaration of war. - frogreturns

User Info: tempestjg

8 years ago#6
oh, and that Rock one
Welcome to GameFAQs, where sharing an opinion is a declaration of war. - frogreturns

User Info: Veedrock-

8 years ago#7
Wtf is that?
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You aren't grown up when you think pokemon is childish. ~Mirage312

User Info: sandslash1

8 years ago#8
"cap" is dumb anyway

User Info: The_Placebo

8 years ago#9
Says someone whos sig has AA's mod Server
RB Gobat on Smogon and the Smogon Shoddy Server
Researcher Extraordinaire, Shoddy Moderator, and Leader of the New UU Test.

User Info: Mr_Whiscash

8 years ago#10
CAP would be better if it didn't go by "we only make one every few months, and even though everyone can 'contribute,' we'll probably just go with an idea that the staff comes up with, because they're better than you are."

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