Ever wanted pokemon to grow past level 100???

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User Info: johnagod

8 years ago#1

Dosent it get boring when your favourite pokemon gets to level 100 and it dosen't recieve exp. anymore.

What do you think it would be like if it could grow past level 100?

Post your ideas and opinions!

User Info: ChoujinX

8 years ago#2
Yeah and then you could refight the Elite Four and they could have level FIVE THOUSAND Pokemon. And you could be like "GO LEVEL FOUR MILLION MAGIKARP, USE ICE BEAM"

Which is funny because Magikarp can't even learn that move.

User Info: firepkmnmaster

8 years ago#3
Pokemon w/ crappy stats you get off the GTS at Lv. 100 could get different stats.
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User Info: johnagod

8 years ago#4
LOL go magikarp use SPLASH!................ Magikarp fainted!

User Info: SIndercolussus

8 years ago#5
In blue I had a level 255 chansey, but it was hacked. It had an amazing hp of 790 or something like that. And yes, it would be cool to go beyond lv 100
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User Info: Elphandevilo

8 years ago#6
Well I remember in blue and red with that Missigno cheat or whatever, you would sometimes come across pokemon that were over level 100 while doing that cheat. but if you caught one they still gained experience points and when they grew a level it would send them straight back to level 100.
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User Info: ZeekFreek

8 years ago#7
When we were little, my friend and I used to think that if you put Charizard first in your party and put the rest of your Pokémon in alphabetical order, you could level him up past 100. Eventually, he would evolve into Megacharizard, who was a Charizard with like, 3 tails and no arms. He would later evolve into Fujia/Fugia, the "best Pokémon ever."
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User Info: Elphandevilo

8 years ago#8
^Wow, my friend and I thought of a Charizard evolution when we were little, too. We thought that there was a secret stone called a lava stone that was REALLY hard to find. If you were lucky enough to find it, it would evolve Charizard, but only if Charizard was level 100. If Charizard was any other level and you tried to use the lava stone, he would die and never come back.

Yep, those were the good ol' days.
If lightbulbs had eyes, would you sniff them?

User Info: swampdragon322

8 years ago#9
It wouldnt be good if they grew past level 100 because pokemon levels would be magikarp level 2,000,000,000,000 vs salamence level 1000 magikarp used splash too much attack power salamence fainted! BUT I would like pokemon to keep gaining experience because it would be cool to whip out your starter and it has like 3,000,000,000 experience!
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User Info: Alphrin

8 years ago#10
They should at least up the experience cap. Since nowadays you can just automatically set every pokemon to 50 or 100 during competitive battles, there's no reason why the cap needs to be so low ingame.
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