Why is Alakazam UU on Smogon?

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User Info: hitman_uk

7 years ago#1

Why is Alakazam UU on Smogon? Are they wrong, is Alakazam higher? It has great base stats for SpA and Spe.
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User Info: Some_Hoar

7 years ago#2
It is UU because it is Under Used.

Not that many people use Alakazam, therefore it is UU.

All of the tiers are based on usage in Shoddy, except for Uber which is due to them being too powerful otherwise and they would rule any tier without all the other ubers in it.

In otherwords, if nobody used Scizor on Shoddy it would be NU etc.
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User Info: BowserWowser

7 years ago#3
people dont use it enough

nuff said
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User Info: Neo_Heartless

7 years ago#4
Read man! From the very page you linked:

The transition from ADV to D/P gave Alakazam some new tricks, but it really could have used more. Alakazam still has terrible defenses and HP, leaving it prone to being heavily damaged by even relatively weak attacks. This may seem like a nonissue considering its high Speed, but the popularity of both Choice Scarf and priority attacks make either bulk or good typing a must for sweepers, and Alakazam sadly has neither. Additionally, the split in physical and special attacks means that Alakazam cannot use the elemental punches in this generation, and the 70% accurate Focus Blast is not enough to make up for the lost coverage.
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User Info: genesis42

7 years ago#5
Outclassed by Azelf + Latias >> People not using Zam >> Zam in UU.
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User Info: jamesrcool

7 years ago#6
Azelf and Gengar do it's job but better.

User Info: PKNintendo

7 years ago#7
Besides. It doesn't break UU in any way so it's not going to BL.

Alakazam is staying in UU.
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User Info: AuNO3

7 years ago#8
Glass cannons just dont work anymore in Pokemon. The Pokemon with the most powerful attacks arent even in OU (Rhyperior and Marowak can single handedly do more damage than any OU and Linoone has 1000+ attack with a belly drum)

User Info: Hasire

7 years ago#9

From: AuNO3 | #008
Glass cannons just dont work anymore in Pokemon.

Thats not even close to true. Luke, Azelf, Gengar and Infernape being high OU is in direct contradiction. Hell, you can even argue that the way TTar, Mence and Heatran are commonly used makes them damn close to glass cannons as well.

And Rhy, Marrow, and Linoone are hardly your best arguements for 'good attackers', majority of OU significantly outdamage them.
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User Info: Neo_Heartless

7 years ago#10
The difference between Azelf and Alakazam may as well be the difference between bullet proof glass and that candy glass they use in films. Gengar is the most fragile of what you mentioned but it's ability and typing means it can at least safely switch in on some attacks, Alakazam falls over from most powerful attacks even if they are not very effective, of course you know this, I'm just rambling.

I've always liked the idea of Marowak and it's crazy damage with a thick club, but it's just not bulky or fast enough to use it.
This is more intense than that time I forgot how to DO A BARREL ROLL!
Then I remembered to press Z or R twice.
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