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User Info: Rikabu_27

7 years ago#1
Seriously, this is a really stalling team. So don't complain to me if there's not enough sweeper
Well, Here goes

252 D / 136 SD / 122 HP
-Rapid Spinner
-Gyro Ball
Opening Spiker. Put spikes, then switches to Skarm. A mid-game rapid spiner. If things didn't go so well, he can allways go kaboom. Gyro Ball's it's sole attacking power. The SD EVs are there to withstand surfs

Careful/Keen Eye
252 D / 240 SD / 16 HP
-Brave Bird
-Stealth Rock
SR supporter. Can also do some serious damage with Brave Bird. Then heals off any damage with Roost. Switch away any annoying opponenet with whirlwind. Or can also be used to let SR and Spikes do the dirty work. Again, SD EVs are there to withstand some electric attack.

252 D / 252 SD / 6 HP
-Shadow Sneak
-Pain Split
-Confuse Ray
Spin Blocker no.1. Can also act as a reliable wall & anti explosions. Cripple enemies little by little with Confuse Ray & WoW. Pain Split for healing & Shadow Sneak is a priority to kill off dying enemies.

Careful/Thick Fat
252 HP / 132 SD / 120 D / 6 A
-Body Slam
-Sleep Talk
My beloved super tank. Send foes flying with Whirlwind or he can just paralyze them with Bosy Slam. Rest off all damage and status. Then Sleep Talk for Body Slam or Whirlwind. I really like him

Calm/Natural Cure
252 HP / 252 SD / 6 D
-Seismic Toss
-Thunder Wave
My super special wall. Paralyze foes, then deals consistent damage with Seismic Toss. Heals off entire team's status with Aromatherapy and heals off damage with Soft Boiled.

240 D / 240 SD / 20 SA / 10 HP
-Shadow Ball
My second Spin Blocker. And a so called "Sweeper". It got a pretty good coverage I think........If it can't handle it, then WoW them till death.

Team strategy is just to set up SR & Spikes, then stall & annoy them to the end

Well that's it folks.........I told you it's a stall team. So don't complain about the lack of Sweeper. If you're not interested in rating it, then please just sit tight and let others rate it. Do not flame or troll me 'kay ? Thanks
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User Info: RTC3

7 years ago#2
you kinda did a poor job of preparing against the metagame's threats.
RTC3, yeah, you're God. ~Chaet_legend

User Info: Rikabu_27

7 years ago#3
Please state why........I can't correct myself if I don't know what's wrong.
Maybe you're wondering why all of the Pokemon is a wall. Well, that's because I like annoying my enemies. And I have been trying to use some sweepers and I just don't like it
Nah.....not really.........

User Info: Hasire

7 years ago#4
Whats your big issue with telling everyone about how cool you are not having a sweeper >.>

Its not that special bro, get over yourself.

Anyways, your team has no synergy, way too many shared weaknesses and bad choices in movesets.
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User Info: RTC3

7 years ago#5
off the top of my head you're weak to nape, luke and mence, and i'm sure there are more. see you can't just throw together a bunch of walls and pretend it's stall, you have to cover as much threats as possible so careful team planning is needed.

here you go, a guide to stall:

and here's a team building guide, with its own section on stall:

read up and try again
RTC3, yeah, you're God. ~Chaet_legend

User Info: Rikabu_27

7 years ago#6
Why am I telling everyone My lack of sweeper countless times ? Well y' see, I've posted this team somewhere before and got a result of everyone saying : "Dude, where's yer sweeper" ? or "You lack Sweeper. There's no balance. Noob !" So that's that.

Thank you so very much. Sorry if my noobiness angers you
Nah.....not really.........

User Info: RTC3

7 years ago#7
where did i come off as angry? :/
RTC3, yeah, you're God. ~Chaet_legend

User Info: Rikabu_27

7 years ago#8
I think that's just simple politeness :o
Nah.....not really.........

User Info: Newgamer2009

7 years ago#9
Since a lot of your pokemon are slow,you should give dusknoir or rotom trick room instead of WoW
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User Info: IrishMercenary

7 years ago#10

From: Newgamer2009 | #009
Since a lot of your pokemon are slow,you should give dusknoir or rotom trick room instead of WoW

no, just no.

I honestly lol at Fortress leads every time I see them, weak to fire which is a common attack from leads, doesnt outspeed anything with taunt and does nothing little to stop other leads, you spin away hazards and they will just out put them back up, you explode on them, they are still fast enough to put them back up before the bang.

From: Rikabu_27 | #001
Can also do some serious damage with Brave Bird

dont lie.

Just maximise your defences, I dont need a calc to know that if you cut some defence EVs and put them in HP you will be better off

Whatever about the sweeper you would want something to clean up with afterwards like a cursetar or gyara.

I cant see spreading paralysis will help anything on this team, i would suggest to replace with toxic or Tspikes

Tyraniboah woud love this team.
I mean god forbid I call a fictional, string of data stupid ~ NarutoFever1

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