Pokemon monotype run :)

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User Info: sco0terkid

5 years ago#1
I like to do monotype runs :D
My monotype run this time is-ICE.
As there are no ice pokemon in the beginning of the game, I had to obtain some.

My team's progress:
2 gym badges


Snover Lv.17
-Razor Leaf
-Icy Wind
-Ice Shard

Swinub Lv.19
-Powder Snow
-Mud Sport
-Odor Sleuth

Smoochum Lv.21
-Powder Snow

Spheal Lv.20
-Water Gun
-Body Slam
-Ice Ball

Need to add one more ice pokemon to have a full team. (5 poke + 1 slave)
Who do you guys think should be a new add-on to the team?

Leave suggestions :)
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User Info: SoapOnARope12

5 years ago#2
I love Delibird, so I would suggest him just for looks :)
Call me Rope.

User Info: CureForLazyness

5 years ago#3

Weavile is amazing:)
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