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User Info: tsanth

8 years ago#431
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: yerwatever

8 years ago#432
do you know if a mystrey gift pokemon can be a shiny?

User Info: rupsbant

8 years ago#433

I would like to thank Tsanth, Sabresite and LoadingNOW for their information. And the others i may have forgotten.

I have a little problem using smogon's IV to PID generator.

When i use it with Pokemon Ruby it each time says that the pokemon was created using method 1. I tested so far 5 Pokemon and i found 1 with a correct method (3) but then the ability was wrong. With another zigzagoon only the method is wrong. They are all original Pokemon.

The method 3 Pokemon, zigzagoon

iv:hp,22 attack,0 defence,8 spe att,14 spe def,29 spe,10 PID:3421514989 Nature:Naive Ability: Pickup


User Info: ScvGeo

8 years ago#434
rupsbant- I am not too sure if its too clear what the problem is.

There is nothing wrong with the example you posted. The ability is the correct one. It is generated by method 3.

Maybe you can give more examples or explain in more detail what is wrong.

Remember that pokemon from Ruby can be generated by method 1.

User Info: shimsham12

8 years ago#435
*hugs tsanth*
your too smart for me
and your walls of text make me happy.

i have no idea what your talking about though.
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User Info: rupsbant

8 years ago#436

@ SvcGeo - I tested it again with the same zigzagoon.

I entered the stats and the nature, i got the pid and the ability. I says ability 1, which is in the lookup table: 'Unaware'. But my zigzagoon actually has the ability 'pickup'. Is this a bug?

User Info: MLBloomy

8 years ago#437
Are you just testing with Zigzagoons in Ruby? Zigzagoon's only ability in the 3rd gen games is Pickup, so regardless of which ability the applet says, it will always be Pickup. If you Pal Park a Zigzagoon, it will keep the Pickup ability even if the PV would make it Unaware. Evolving it to Linoone would revert to the ability dictated by the PV.

Unless there's something else going on, the applet's working as it should. Users just need to be aware of cases where a Pokemon picked up a new ability in D/P.

User Info: rupsbant

8 years ago#438
OK but this wasn't notified at the table nor at the applet. All problems solved now.

User Info: MLBloomy

8 years ago#439
Think Platinum will be "released" before the street date?

User Info: Aro

8 years ago#440
It's possible, many stores get big releases a week before the street date. (Times vary though.)
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