Need a good water and psychic pokemon

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User Info: Maruame

9 years ago#1
So I've beaten 2 gym leaders, on my way to the 3rd, and wondering what's a pretty good water and psychic pokemon to use that I could get soon. Right now for water am using the evoled form of buizel [ wondering if's hes good] and still looking for a psychic pokemon to use. Any suggestions?

User Info: tsanth

9 years ago#2
Abra/Kadabra will serve you well for the storyline.
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User Info: truesanji

9 years ago#3
I'm a huge fan of a bronzong with levitate. Decent stats, heavy defense, and only one weakness. Your water is fine, this game wont throw too many different water pokemon at you anyway so it's best to stick with what you got.

User Info: Jeffmaz2001

9 years ago#4
Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam rock for ingame Psychic.

I liked Shellos/Gastrodon for water and ground. Just stay off the grass.
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User Info: shadow1515

9 years ago#5
Get a Magikarp and evolve it to Gyarados. Sure, he's 4x weak to electric, but he can sweep like nobody's business. And you'll actually have a use for Waterfall so you can have one less move to try and fit on an HM slave.
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User Info: TheMasked

9 years ago#6
If it's water/psychic, try seeing if someone will trade you a Gorebyss on the boards or something. It has very good SpcAtt, and learns lots of psychic moves.
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User Info: fullofpixiedust

9 years ago#7
I didn't have a good psychic when I beat the e4, but I did have a chatot level 53 who had the moves chatter and hyper voice, he did alot of damage.

I'm not sure if you can get one before the e4, but get a Grumpig. I have one that I migrated from Emerald and it kicks A**! It's got the moves psychic, psybeam, rest, and snore so when it goes to sleep it restores it's health completely, and then still does damage with the snore move.

I have a Marill as my water slave, and at level 45 he was part of my team that beat the e4. He had waterfall, surf, bubblebeam, and maybe water pulse? something - can't remember, sorry :(

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

9 years ago#8
you cant get grumpig before you got the national dex since hes not in the sinnoh dex , but I would recomend Floatzel as a water type to use, and for the psychic i dont know, i never used one until after the E4
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