how much trade in value does this game have at gamestop?

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  3. how much trade in value does this game have at gamestop?

User Info: ipwnu713

7 years ago#1
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User Info: Supplice_

7 years ago#2
Why don't you ask your local; they could have plenty and not want any more, or they could have none and give you a fiver for it.
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User Info: shadowbirkin96

7 years ago#3
A friend of mine just sold his Diamond and one other game and got a total of $13 in store credit, so you aren't going to get much
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User Info: barboid

7 years ago#4
Gamestop never gives good value for used games. Even when they have their 30% more values for trade-ins promos it's still a craps-shoot.
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User Info: Jeffmaz2001

7 years ago#5
I think they typically give 1/3 to 1/4 of what they resell your game for, it's not a lot. You are better off finding another way to sell your games, like Craigslist or You can also buy games there for cheaper than Gamestop prices. You just have to be careful. Don't buy from eBay, that site is overrun with bootleg copies that will only cause you grief.

A good trick I have used once is to catch someone trying to seel his stack of games at Gamestop. Tell him you will give him $1 per game more than Gamestop will pay, and you will give cash instead of store credit. Then let him price them out at the counter, pull out your wallet, and buy the lot. At worst you can try them and then sell them at the same store and take a $1 per game loss for the fun of trying them.

User Info: shadowbirkin96

7 years ago#6
ebay isnt that bad Jeff, in all my time there so far I have had one problem, and that was with the seller not sending me the item, but thanks to paypals protection I got my money back.

Im not defending ebay yes there are fakes and you should be careful, but its not that awful, especially if you know what you are doing
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  3. how much trade in value does this game have at gamestop?

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