anyone still play the oldies?

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User Info: wolves_arsenal

7 years ago#1
just found my copies of red and silver (no idea where my yellow has gone :-/) after about 8 years lol, was wondering with the new games on the ds if any of you still play the oldies on your good ole gameboy colour or advance?

User Info: Erik212

7 years ago#2
My GBC got stolen with my copy of Crystal in it, but I really want to purchase the first 6 games again... I am OCD about my games having their boxes, but new boxed copies are over $100 on ebay... I'll just have to settle for some used boxes.
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User Info: futureTrunks374

7 years ago#3
I'm playing gold now getting to the eight gym.

User Info: Madman_19

7 years ago#4
i still have all my old copies with all my awesome level 100 pokemon on them. including my MEW on RED. haha =]
SR for a Shiny Chimchar in Pokemon Pearl.

User Info: verac31

7 years ago#5
I was playing Blue and Red in an attempt to beat every Pokemon game before black/white came out, but I gave up and just decided to play the 3rd and 4th gen games to complete the pokedex and have all of those Pokemon to move to Black or White when I get them.
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User Info: Coachowens

7 years ago#6
I still have my original GBC and a copy of Red, but since the GBC is messed up (the bottom battery will pop out because the spring thing is damaged) it's extremely difficult to keep playing. : (
Gamertag: Coach Owens00.

User Info: aeroblaster7

7 years ago#7
sometimes i still play yellow
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User Info: Mega_Nacho_2121

7 years ago#8
I played fire red a lil while ago if that counts... This version is my least played seeing as it's the worst in my opinion.
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User Info: absolking

7 years ago#9
Currently playing through emerald
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User Info: Shadowfire14

7 years ago#10
Fire Red doesn't count, it is Gen III. An oldie means that it is an older version.
I've been playing Pearl again so I haven't had time to play my old copies of Blue and Crystal.
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