Zero and Ciel: Are they...well... loving each other?

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User Info: warriorofzero

9 years ago#1

I know, I'm very very late in posting this. This question has been on my head for a year or two, and now I feel that I can't have my own truth be the absolute truth.

Now I need your help to answer this question: Is Ciel and Zero into each other? If they are (and they probably are), what kind of scale? Are they just friends that enjoy each others company? Or maybe they get excited in a sexual manner when next to each other (don't forget that Ciel is only, at MMZ 4, 17-18 years old, and well, we don't know about Zero except for his quiet, reserved manner). What do you think they think of each other?. If they both survived and lived the future towards MMZX, what would they say of each other?

I hope that you would contribute to this topic. As I said, I can't answer this by myself; I need your help. nearly 3 years have past and this question has not been clearly answered yet. So what do you say that we start the long discussion of this relationship right here, right now? With the story finished, and fully placed on the table, spread out wide for anyone willing to see it, it is the time to analyze this subject with ones own eyes.

Now let your stories be told, and let your views be expressed,


User Info: Lu_Aza

9 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure that when Reploids were first introduced, the concept of using them as sexual objects was quickly seized upon, the development of realistic feeling add ons quickly followed. And as people grew more accustomed to Reploids, and people inevitably fell in love with them, wanted to be with them, there were way of installing new emotions and the ability to feel new sensations into their core programming.

More and more realistic add ons were made, with sensation support built in... Reploids were capable of feeling sexual pleasure and the desire that came with it...

So, it's possible that, sometime between Zero being built and the end of Zero 4 that he was upgraded, enhanced and given the ability to enjoy sex. And Ciel was obviously ready and willing to jump him... - Updated 2/12/08 - Updated every weekday!

User Info: Vallion93

9 years ago#3
It's obvious Ciel was into Zero. You gotta pay like no attention to the story at all to miss that. For Zero's case, at first, he was only grateful to Ciel by waking him up from his sleep. As the games progress, you can tell by his attitude that he begins to open up to people more and more (especially Ciel and Harpuia), you can even easily tell that he even tries to make friends with Harpuia in MMZ3, which probably would have happened had not Harpuia died. I think Zero was on the progress of getting interested with Ciel, but he wasn't quite there yet before his....... know.

User Info: C_razy_monkey

9 years ago#4
Ciel loved Zero. But it's impossible to tell how Zero feels about Ciel, since he's as cold as a glacier. I'm sure he felt something for her.

User Info: Eiyuu_Kou

9 years ago#5
One compound word: fanfiction.
If you have nothing nice to say, let 'er loose - Eiyuu Kou

User Info: Wanded

9 years ago#6
have all of you forggoten that old reploids story?
HE WAS IN LOVE with someone and when she got old he customized himself to be old to!~
which means that Reploids can fall in love {:

User Info: Lu_Aza

9 years ago#7
Of course they can fall in love; Zero and Iris proved that long before the Zero series. - Updated 3/25/08 - Updated every weekday!
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