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Trying to make a custom map...

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User Info: Vendayn

9 years ago#1

I got the map look figured out, got three teams (me, computer and indians) and the first few seconds are fine...but

The computer gathers the boxes that I put that had resources in them near their town hall, after that they don't do anything except stand around. They don't gather anything, build, nothing. I then switched teams, and then the team I originally was on had the same problem.

I must be missing something, but can't figure it out. I want to share it with a friend of mine, gonna work out the errors with the map first though

Thanks :)

User Info: Vendayn

9 years ago#2
still can't figure out how to get the computer to do anything...

User Info: Vendayn

9 years ago#3
stupid AI will still not attack or do anything...

User Info: Vendayn

9 years ago#4

User Info: Vendayn

9 years ago#5
still no one?

This section of the forums for this game absolutely suck lol

User Info: _Rand_alThor_

9 years ago#6
You're saying stupid AI, but you haven't put an AI in. I've only done scenarios for Age of Mythology, but if it's anything like that, there should be a tab called player data where you can set the AI.

User Info: Pandemonium900

9 years ago#7

Trying to put AI in this and putting AI in AoM is different..

I know in AoM all u need to do is go to players menue and click AI and choose type of AI

U can do the same thing in this, except still, no movement.. i am interested to see if anyone has the answer to this.

And sorry to double post but, anyone know how to make train tracks and horse track thing you see in skirmishes?

User Info: sanjeev3

9 years ago#8
Age of Empires 2 had the freest AI control, programmers could make their own scripts to change AI behaviour, not so sure about this though.

User Info: cheapsimmer

9 years ago#9
Yeah, I have the same problem too, after they gather the resources they just stand there.

User Info: jaybbq

9 years ago#10

First of all you have to choose computer in the player control menu in scenario->player data for your virtual opponent. You also have to put a town center for the computer team. Then go to the player data and click on AI. Choose standard AI at the end of the list and click open.

But if you just do that it will not work. You have to go to insert object->embellishment and click on start AI. Then will appear a kind of 3D triangle that you have to place directly on the town center of your opponent(with the appropriated player number) by left clicking on that building with the triangle.

After that click on scenario->test scenario and check if it work. Do not forget to click on your own team(your explorer for instance) before to do that.

If it work you will also have to put some victory conditions like destroy all building in the trigger menu.

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