Playing against CPU on Expert mode

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User Info: nub_in_training

9 years ago#1
I've been a huge fan of the AOE series and I've had a lot of fun battling the CPU too. Playing against the CPU on Hard mode is really fun, but I manage to win most of the time if I use my resoures wisely.

The problem comes when I play the computer on Expert mode. The CPU ALWAYS wins and I find it fascinating when I get demolished with an army of 30 within about 7 minutes at the Fortress Age while I am still at the Colonial Age struggling to fend off attackers that come trying to burn down my village.

I try recording my sessions and I watch my battles and everytime I do, the CPU always manages to have more settlers than I do even though I try my hardest to not waste time and spend food on as much settlers as I can while still trying to build an army. I have cards that help me dish out more settlers and even when I use them, I may have either less settlers than the CPU or too much settlers and it comes back to haunt me when I see their massive army coming down a hill getting ready to burn my village down.

It is sooo hard to micromanage every settler and militia even though the CPU does this so well (the recorded videos of them show the best micromanagement skills that I've ever seen in any strategy game) and the computer always comes up with the best strategies (building Forts in front of trading posts and building 2 barracks; one near the town center and one near my home town) I'm studying my ass off trying to know when to use what militia and trying to bal;ance my economy but I find it WAY to hard when trying to fight the CPU on Expert.

tl;dr version: Have any of you beaten the CPU on Expert before? Do any of you play like/better than the CPU when battling online/ with other friends? Can you guys give me any tips/strategies?

BTW, I play with the Ottomans and Aztecs if that helps

User Info: Turboweasle

9 years ago#2
I've read that the CPU gets extra resources and the map revealed. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice...other than I'd be more than happy to have an IP game allied with you against a computer on Expert and see if that doesn't help. I'd also like to see this for myself. I would go test it out now, but I'm not emotionally prepared. =O

If you're down with an IP game, I'll be available most of the time.
MoH:H2 Gamertag: ~SoL Weasle~
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User Info: w31uelv

9 years ago#3
Whether you like it or not, the CPU always knows where you are.
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User Info: nub_in_training

9 years ago#4
"Whether you like it or not, the CPU always knows where you are."

On expert mode, the CPU always knows where I am because his explorers or one of his militia ALWAYS comes to my town. In Hard mode, it may take them longer to come to my town and when they do, they usually have a quote like, "I've spotted our town center. Now prepare to die!" or something like that =P

Maybe the CPU, in fact, does always know where I am but it tries to play it off by pretending to "scout" around my home town.

@Turboweasle: My IP is and I am playing most of the time at around 4:00A.M. - 7:00A.M. EST. E-mail me at if you wanna play (I don't have MSN Messenger or AIM atm =P) and you'll probably see how hard it is facing the CPU.

User Info: Miniman1030

9 years ago#5
On hard and expert, the computer gets the entire map revealed, so that is how he knows where you are. Also, on hard and expert mode, their settler's gather rates are increased and they start with more resources. It would be hard to keep up with that. You're good for trying. I would, but my computer is retarded. (see my topic)

User Info: sanjeev3

9 years ago#6
As in other AOE games, the computer can get extra resources and all seeing, in AOE2 you could, with some programming skills, write and AI script to remove these cheats, sadly, it isnt in AOE3

User Info: _Sam_

9 years ago#7
Practice on hard until you get the hang of it.

User Info: PresidentChoice

9 years ago#8
I can beat expert now, but not every time. My strategy is usually spamming musketeers as soon as I can, and focusing mainly on food as they are 75 food, and just 25 gold to build. Generally, the CPU will create cavalry and pikemen early, which musketeers in large forces can quickly defeat.

If you are only defending, then you will most likely lose as their economy seems to grow at a much faster rate (despite having a constant flow of villagers created always, as well as many gathering enhancing cards). I will wait for their large wave of army to attack, defend against them, and immediately send my remaining army to attack their base. Usually by the time they've killed them off, their economy is seriously hurting, most of their villagers have been destroyed, and my resources have grown considerably at which point I can start taking over. From this point it's not too hard, just advance as normal and they will be too crippled too pose a threat for a good while.

Also, if you happen to play expert on a map with seperate islands, it's usually very easy as focusing mostly on wood, you can quickly build a navy, dominate the sea, and destroy their units from the shore line without hardly any loss. I can beat expert while only losing a dozen or two units in this method.

User Info: nub_in_training

9 years ago#9
Thanks for the tips PresidentChoice; I've finally beaten a game on Expert mode =)

It was extremely annoying having to fend off armies of cavalry and falconets, but you absolutely HAVE to learn which armies to use at the right time and which army is good for counter which.

In Hard mode, I didn't pay so much attention to it but it helps out alot. I used cavalry to take out villagers and falconets to take down forts and stuff. I watched a ton of videos of tournaments on youtube and downloaded some saved game battles. Also microing helps out alot!!

Btw, I played in Siberia against the Dutch and I was France if anyone wants to know. I'm so happy =) !!!

User Info: Ryuukosusei

9 years ago#10
I really like the Siberia map, i usually play that one because the map is very big and it takes the enemy a while to come to you. New England is good to because if you are losing badly you can always escape to the tiny island rebuild there
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