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User Info: scowl_owl_2

7 years ago#1
The topic got archived I see :( I had bailed anyway after a couple of my posts were completely ignored but it doesn't matter now lol. Are there similar topics that you three contribute to? Why not mention them in this topic if they deal with games released for the original Xbox

User Info: cold blue steel

cold blue steel
7 years ago#2
Yeah, that sucks :( I've been keeping an eye out for pech_schwefel to come back, but I don't think he come on that often. Mutant1988 I have on my Live, plus I've been keeping an eye on his Youtube videos (good to see that MetropolisMania vid, very interesting to see :)). How are things with you?
tant d'echecs, tant de defaites

User Info: scowl_owl_2

7 years ago#3
Hi Cold, I'm fine. I played Star Wars: KOTOR2 The Sith Lords from start to finish since I last contributed a post to the Special Forces topic. I'm now playing Black but I've come to a difficult bit that prevented me from completing the mission. It's a good game but wouldn't such games be better without pick-ups so that you didn't have to spend time looking everywhere for them?

User Info: cold blue steel

cold blue steel
7 years ago#4
Black has pick-ups? I played it briefly on the PS2 but was waiting to get hold of it for XBox before playing properly. Sadly that never happened :( Sorry this is short - I'm away in Sweden on work again and my online time is really limited :( I've been playing Mercs 2 myself, and the odd bit of Quake Wars with my friend in an attempt to get all the online achievements (plus it's just fun to play!).
tant d'echecs, tant de defaites

User Info: pech_schwefel

7 years ago#5
great, scowl continued out topic. i was about to do this as soon as possible as well.

@cold: have you tried the indie game Spine of the World demo i was talking about already? it looks interesting but as you know...i am somehow and somehow not into RPGs.

are there any good Indie games on your side you would suggest? the last one i was buying was BLOW. a very nice idea but after about 50% very tricky. it is pure precision work and every millimeter counts. so you can easily "waste" about 30 minutes in one level. i am on level 35 right now.

i also saved the demo for that miner rescue game. i forgot the name but it is a game were you can push rocks in order to proceed and save some miners.

yeah, the open world feature in FC2 seems to be why i dont like it. thats also the point on Assassins Creed 2. it looks great but somehow i am too lazy to play it. i seem to be more of an old-school guy that likes linear games. i really like to be pushed forward in one direction. have you played AC2? and it is also a matter of time that is so rare.

things you said about the Dark Spire comments: what i also agree with you is that some kind of mystery i dying with the internet. as i remember back in the late 90s as i didnt had any internet, i roughly read some tests on the OPM but thats it. i bought a game, even if it was trashy and only got 70%, but the most important was, it was totaly MY game. it felt as if only me would be playing this game. of course i knew that this wasnt true but...know what i mean? if today comes out a GOW3 then i dont feel like i would be playng this alone. the game is charged with tests, previous, amazon-rezensions and general hype. of course i could just stop to read anything and only read the conclusion of the tests in the mags and just rent them games to see if i like them or not.

maybe it is also the kind of handling of games. yesterday they were only nerd-stuff and today they are trendy and even adult woman are playing them. yesterday you bought a filthy low budget simple japano hack 'n slays and from time to time a bigger budget onimusha reaches stores and you really was amazed. and today you are buying high-polished blockbusters and each is looking and feeling amazing but strangly (at last me) i am not as amazed as yesterday as these kind of games were rare. and they are trying to do something totaly new each time. games are becoming friendlier to beginners but also more complex. in the beginning you needed two buttons: jump and fire. seems that today only high-budget games are published. but for me, videogames are something that are made by a unique mind that invents a unique idea and invests several hours in making the game. he didnt bother about how much it will cash in. at last i think so it was used to be. it was a work of one or a few people. that makes games more sympathetically / pleasant to me more as games made by a team consisting of hundreds of pragrammers, game designers, graphic artists etc.

gauntlet: i was talking of every gauntlet for PSone and later systems. any suggestions? tipps? how are they?

User Info: pech_schwefel

7 years ago#6
NFS-UC: i am through. the second NfS i was able to finish after Carbon. it seems like a planned sequel to MW that never came out in...lets say 2006. the driving engine feels different than other NfS games i know. like a rail-racer. the only good about this game is that you dont have to do cop based challenges. as mentioned i am totaly bad in cop chases (MW) so i also suck on the higher difficulties in UC but i skipped them and concentrated on races. storie is as cheap as in MW but today it feels even more cheap than in MW. btw. i also tried MW again but ... again i sucked. i used the bus-station trick and managed to do the 7 minuted chase BUT only to be busted by the cops as i was trying to escape. they are extremely hard to getaway. they can wedge you between them and the trackbarrier. nevermind, i deleted my savefile so i never might try this game again. i am so frustrated about this game, it is a shame.

siren: it is disc based as well as online distributed. i can feel with you. i had the same experiences with the series. S1 was not doable for me. only with cheats, (no AI) because i liked the athmosphere i wanted to play it through. S2 was only a rent and a few levels later i sent it back. but S3 is really different.

i was able to play the Wolfenstein demo. well, i wont rent it because it feels pretty much like every FPS out there. not really appealing to me. but also not bad. maybe too much magic and fantasy for an wolfenstein. i only remember the first wolfenstein for PC and return to castle ws for PS2. they seem to be dirty little splatter based shooters but the new game seems more polished.

i also tried: Bionic Commando (erm, no thanks), 50 Cent (nice modern shooter in the style of GOW), Modern Warfare 2 (as allways a nice short FPS but this game really kicks your ass. you have to run, aim, shoot, watch out, check objectives, booom, awww this game is so extremely head smashing. they say it is not as good as MW1 but i couldnt say so. MW2 felt somehow better.), Brütal Legend (funny as well but not "fun" enough for me, thanks), Wanted - WoF (even nicer GOW clone with a better cover-system than 50 cent), Eat Lead (very funny shooter again with the GOW cover-system and some nice new ideas but all in all not as good as 50 cent or wanted), Lost Planet (that was very nice, i must say these huge monsters that approach directly in front of you and really feel sooo damn huge, it makes you overthink the word "huge monster" again. sometimes pretty hard though even on easy.), Infernal (eeew...a bad shooter. bad cover-system and NO checkpoints at all not even automatic saving!!! please save manually after every few minutes if you ever want to try this game!), Resistance 2 (again, very hard. its one of the harder FPSs next to TimeSwitch, Black and Resistance 1. but better than R1 i think but also not pretty fun for me.), Quake 4 (ok, soso, nothing special. was bored to play it to the end. it also includes Quake 2 that i played in the 90s!), Killzone 2 (also a very nice and short FPS that was more fun than Resistance 2 for me.), Mirror's Edge (frustrating too often especially for me, but nice idea.), Uncharted 2 (yeah, better than U1. easier, nicer, nothing to complain. get it :) ... but ... ok ... well theres too much action in it for my taste...but who cares my :)

see yah.
The 3D Beat 'em Up Genre is dead.

User Info: cold blue steel

cold blue steel
7 years ago#7
Back from Sweden now with a little time to relax. pech_schwefel, good to see you again :)

Spine of the World - was this the one about a mining community where you can transfer to other characters? I forget... My friend & I replayed this but got stuck a lot on what to do next. Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong game though, it was all conversation and working out who to transfer to to progress. And no, I've not played AC2 yet but I'm looking forward to it. I'm not expecting much more than from the first game, but that'll be enough for me :)

I don't think I know the miner rescue game, what's it called? As for good indie games, let me see...
Storage Inc, for a start. My friend & I had a blast on this playing local co-op. It wasn't too stressful, if anything it was quite laid back, but the nature of the game means that you can easily keep yourself occupied during dead time by shuffling boxes around into nicer positions.
Also for co-op, although more short-lived, is I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1, a Smash TV style romp, and Platypus, a scrolling shooter using plasticine models. We also had a ton of fun laughing at Streets of Fury, a French scrolling beater with (perhaps unintentionally) hilarious photo-based sprites.
For competitive, Junkyard Battle is a simple tower-building game that's quite fun... I think there was another competitive one we enjoyed recently but I forget what :/
For single player, we found Fishing Girl as intriguing as Miner Dig Deep, but my friend bought it and said that it didn't take long for him to complete & get bored of the full game. Still, it's cheap I think. Megapolis may also be worth looking at if you like city-building games.

I think you're right about the difference with buying new games nowadays - no longer are we picking up £1.99 tapes for the C64/Spectrum without a clue what they are. Now we're buying expensive titles that we've already been told what to expect from, and it feels a lot more difficult to have an independent opinion of it and to feel like it is "our" game. The whole world is playing and commenting on it!

Interesting to hear all your quick comments on those games... Quake 4 is something that Mutant1988 said he played but got more enjoyment out of the included Q2, and since it was something I was thinking of buying (I've been enjoying Quake Wars far more than I expected to), I checked for a demo. Wow, it runs quite jerkily, especially considering it looks like it is running on the same engine as Doom 3, and it didn't show me much to get me excited :/ Is Eat Lead worth getting for the gaming humour then? And is Wanted worth the play? The demo of Wanted was quite restrictive, it was hard to get a feel for how the full game might be. More praise for the 50 Cent game too? It seems this surprised everyone, I keep hearing it compared to GoW and from the sound of it is would just need better multiplayer/co-op to become a "serious" game.

User Info: cold blue steel

cold blue steel
7 years ago#8
Ugh, and Brütal Legend, don't get me started..! I was really looking forward to this, having seen the amount of "true" metal in the soundtrack, but as soon as the demo started my first impression was of some awful cutesy Disney CGI film. The main character was too obviously Jack Black, the humour stank of Shrek or some other family-friendly movie trying to be a bit "saucy," and I didn't even notice the music (except some popular "classic" metal track at the end). I was wanting something *seriously* metal - like a Conan game, with plenty of meat and steel and blood and power metal. Instead it seemed like a cookie-cutter Hollywood CGI movie with some generic gameplay tagged on. I gather the gameplay gets better (does it, do you know?), but I just feel so disappointed that I find it hard to care. I got my friend (who is also a metal fan) to play it as well, with an open mind, and he came out of it hating not the humour, but the attitude of the game that "metal is dead" and was just a source of amusement - the metal scene is only dead if you're judging it by what's in the pop charts, whereas if you take a look off the beaten path there is a thriving European power/viking/melodeath scene. He felt insulted that they could have such a soundtrack and still think that. I can see his point, but I think it could also be interpreted as valid self-deprecation. I dunno :/

Gauntlet: Jeez, let me look what there is...
Gauntlet Legends is the first that springs to mind. I enjoyed this on DC, it felt like a reasonable adaption of original Gauntlet to 3D, and so I'd recommend it.
Seven Sorrows is the next that I remember, and what put my friends off playing any further games like this. It's more like a scrolling beater than a Gauntlet game, it feels somehow lifeless, and the XP/upgrade system seems unbalanced - the player with the most kills seems to get a load more XP, making the others feel cheated, and this ends up encouraging kill-stealing and competitive play. It's not a *bad* game, it was just much less fun than it should have been.
I think the other one we've played was Dark Legacy, but I don't remember much about it other than sometimes getting lost in levels that involved a lot of back-tracking to find triggered doors. Apart from that confusion, it was ok... It introduced a deeper combat system, with "turbo" bars and co-op attacks and specials, but some of the stuff was a little too comical or silly, and this depth didn't necessarily improve the feel of the game.
So, for those three, I'd say:
Legends > Dark Legacy > Seven Sorrrows

Eesh, I better rush off. My girlfriend is away for the afternoon so I'm trying to catch up on things and was hoping for a chance to get a little closer to finishing Mercs 2. Cya later guys!
tant d'echecs, tant de defaites

User Info: pech_schwefel

7 years ago#9
hello cold! have you met ABBA?!

the mining game i was reverring to was "CaveIn".

"Spine of the World" - i dont know any story elements. maybe its also something about mining...well, i am afraid i wont buy it until you can tell me that its goood to RPG noobs like me ;)

i know pretty much all of you suggested Indie Games. thanks anyway. the french street brawler was indeed funny. what i play at the time is Blow and that game where you refelct light through several mirrors and prisms...title blackout...

yeah, everybody tells you how great or awfull these games are. but somehow you cant really prevent that. if you are looking for some tipps or a gameplay video on youtube or anything else, there are these comments that might collide with your unique opinion. it feels as if most players out there were very young kids. maybe i am wrong but i think that in the early days (80s, 90s) the percentage of under 14-18 years old gamers was much smaller than today. the sound of comments and many of the videos give me that impression. today a concole is a standard birthday or x-mas present. if i remember back, i never was allowed to have one. i got my first console at the age of 10 or 11. and only two other kids from my class had a console. at the age of about 16 i got my PS.

Eat Lead is worth a rent, absolutely. one shouldnt miss this one. purchase? maybe when its cheap. the humor makes the game pretty unique. i only know my version but i am sure in english its even funnier, so try it out. to give you a little appetizer here is one quote from a loading screen. as you know, loading screens always give the player usefull tipps for the game. it says "if you are having trouble with interrogating enemies, the reason could be that you cannot interrogate enemies."

Wanted is worth. its a great short and well made shooter. it has a few frustrating parts in it but you might do better than me. and the cover system is the best since GOW.

Brutal Legend - you heard the song at the end? have you finished it? well, i only played about 2-3 hours. but i hear you. i also expected something more serious action. something like golden axe or conan. and some "brutal"ity. i am also a bit interested into metal genre but this game would never motivate me play it. then i can also put in one of the cd's from the stack right next to me.

thanks for you impressions about Gauntlet. i think i will try them out chronologically. tell me, if i start with Legends for the PSone, will i have to grind a lot in order to be able to beat bosses? or is it just completing a stage by killing all enemies and doing that stage by stage? i played also black stone and i remember having troubles because of endless waves of enemies since there were several enemy generators in the levels. and the bosses seemed also very hard. in Baldur's Gate 2 Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath i couldnt even proceed through the first few levels. hordes of enemies from each side and so little health potions made me worring about any RPG in future. can you give me a little help?

"X-Men Origins - Wolverine" was confiscated in my country as well as "Shellshock 2" so i wont be able to get them. could you guys give me some impressions of what i miss?

User Info: pech_schwefel

7 years ago#10
meanwhile i tried out these:

Wet - this must be the unofficial KILL BILL game. the whole look is fantastic. graphics arent fantastic but at least they are not that bad. the game offers unlimited slow-mo time. unlike in the Matrix-games or in the max payne series, you can do jumps, slides on the knees, wallruns etc. in slo-mo whenever you want. from time to time there comes a stupid QTE where you fight a boss or pry open doors. its a mixture of prince of persia, tomb raider and any game with a bullet time in it. you can also use your sword btw. this is the best choise for close quarter combat. one or two strikes are enough to finish your enemy. rubi reminded me alot of black mamba from kill bill. she also cuts arms, heads, guts in general and is totally pissed off.

James Bond - Quantum of Solace - the game after the two new bond movies. it combines FPS and TPS but only when you take cover behind some ... cover. then the perspektive is like in wanted, 50 cent, GOW etc. the change of covers isnt as brilliant as in GOW or Wanted though. i havent played too far because i was bored with it. but its nice and spectacular from time to time in the tradition of nowadays action games.

MoH Airborne - nothing much to say about that one. its a non-linear WWII shooter. its like Frontlines or Battlefield. you have one map and several objectives. you can solve them in any order. you allways have some allies with you. after solving some objectives there will approach some new objectives as well. when you die you will parachute from a plane. all completed objectives remain complete.

Legendary - FPS, sci-fi, little bit like Resistance. the dumbest thing of the game is that you dont heal automatically. you have to hold triangle several seconds. and your storage isnt unlimited. if its empty you need to fill it up with the energy of dead enemies. you the half of the game you are busy with either healing yourself or loading up energy from a dead body all done by holding the triangle button. this slows down the game. and its a very actionbased game! apart form that its pretty scary sometimes. one should take a look at Legendary.

"Alarm for Cobra 11 Highway Nights" - there is a new game to come soon. you already played the first one right? "Burning Wheels" for 360. but there is also an "AfC11" on PS2 and a sequel called "Vol. 2 Hot Pursuit". you maybe should know. well i played the Highway Nights demo. you have to solve missions and between you can also drive around. graphics are nice and the driving engine is very arcady.

and finally one special topic:

how do you know whether a certain game is just not after your fancy or you are a bummer at this game? if i like a game quite well but then i start loosing a lot, is it the game or is it me who fails? how much has a game to motivate me until i really can say that i have to stick more into it and that its not the games failure?

what means "hard" for you? what means "easy"? when is a game frustrating? is it easy when you play it through without dying once? or is it still easy when you die once or twice per level? does an annoying scene of a game make you hate the whole game for that one scene? what if there are some more bad scenes coming? will that raise your anger or can you still keep your focus on all the good sides of the game and you are just happy about accomplishing that scene?

especially you, cold: how do you handle the time pressure? you know, you have so many unplayed games on your stack and more are out there waiting for you in the stores. and additional to that you surely would also like to replay one of your older games again. so many games, so little time. doesnt that makes you even more vulnerable to defeats and 'game overs'?

good night and good luck.
The 3D Beat 'em Up Genre is dead.

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