Are there other games like this?

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User Info: Nerkcon

8 years ago#1
I really like this game, I rented it from GameFly 4 times and I'm looking to buying it but I can't find it anywhere! :( Anyway, these are the biggest reason I like this game...

1. You're not ultimately the ruler or a bottom feeder. You can be a carefree person, a lowest rank officer trying them prove him/herself, you can be rule a few cities and still serve someone, you could be a second in command, or you can be the head man. I know no other games that let you do this. Games that do, you always start from the bottom and you always end at the top, no choice no exceptions.

2. You can play literally with any single person. Now, there are people with such low stats and poor skills (or even none) that you may not want to, but having the choice anyway to see the game from any point of view is nice. No character is restricted, no faction is unplayable, everything is open for you to find out from every view point, you just need to be there with the right character

3. You can really screw up the time line. You can hire an important person so a certain event never happens. You can abuse you knowledge of the story by hiring important powerful characters so you have all the good officers. And sometimes, it just screws itself up like an event not happening the way it was meant to and now there is one less force that should had been there. One time I was playing Lu Su for He Jin and I suggested a campaign. Right before the campaign Sun Jian... teamed up with the Yellow Turban, and we one! Surprises like that are just awesome.

4. Other forms of combat besides fighting with your army. I love how you could win duels for money, or duel people to route their army from the battlefield. I love have you can debate for money, use debate to make someone join you, or use it to get an alliance with someone you wouldn't had gotten otherwise.

Are there any games like this one?

User Info: CTBradums

8 years ago#2
Not exactly. You could try the other Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, or maybe the Nobunaga's Ambition series - but those are mostly all ruler-based. The only Romance of the Three Kingdoms aside from X that lets you play as a Free Officer is VIII, so maybe that's worth a shot.

Aside from all that, nothing that I can think of.

User Info: the_old_days

8 years ago#3
VII and VIII. Those are the only two other Koei games that I know of that let you control your ranking and employment. Rot3k XI is ruler based so expect the next rot3k (if there is going to be another one) to possibly feature the more open gameplay of X.

Still, if you're burnt of X but still need a fix, try VII and VIII.
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User Info: masonjam

8 years ago#4
VII and VIII (hereafter refered to as 7 and 8 respectively) vary quite abit in their gameplay experiences.

for 7 you can tell koei actually put alot of effort into making it (where as its kinda obvious they really started to slack off with later versions, mainly cause they werent building on what they had so much as each time they were completely changing how the game was played and taking out good features of previous versions) 7 is nice to play because mainly, its the only game in the series (im not interested in any snes/nes ROTKs) with alternate endings, so depending on wha type of character your .... character is his ending will be based on if he was strong or smart or if he was a vassal a free officer a sovereign or a warlord.

the battle system in 7 is kinda fun, but also annoying, not being able to automate officers unless you control the battle commander is frustrating, but a fun thing about 7s battle system is that before the battle starts you can choose to different strategies, like if you want to face the enemy in the field or just wait in your castle to try and outlast the siege, and if your attacking you can choose if you want to flank the enemy, charge right thru to their main camp or surround them to decrease their morale. Before the battle you also choose all the tactics you can use in the for that batttle, and theres a limited amount, which can be advantageous or disadvanageous.

8 seems kinda weird compared to the other ones though (but it was the first one i played) . in 8 they introduced rogue armies, and i think they did it the best in this one, mainly because after your army was formed you could still recruit troops, unlike in 10 where you can only rely on officers private troops, which most officers seem to never recruit unless they start with them. 7 & 8 both have a an overall "troop count" for cities, that when your forming into units before battle is when you asign them a "troop type" (i.e. foot, bow, horse, siege) whereas in 10 you make a unit and your stuck with it, making it so you cant adapt as quickly to an enemy force.

8 is interesting in that you only recieve orders (as a vassal) every three months in these council meetings, but you can earn suggestion points to allow you to tell the sovereign to tell you what to do for the season, it also means you can only goto war every 3 months, which is a blessing and a curse because it means you cant go and launch a massive offensive as easily.

User Info: ghostchimp

8 years ago#5
I'm surprised no one mentioned Brigandine. Brigandine's my favorite game of all time, and it's like this game except with more of an emphasis on battle than diplomacy and deception. Definitely check it out if you like the RotTK games. :)
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User Info: Eihnpatrick

8 years ago#6
Brigandine is ruler-based, but yeah that game rules !

As far as I know, there is nothing like RotK X. Which is why this game is one of my all-time favorites.
RotK VII & VIII came close, but Rotk X has the beautifully drawn world (well, China, durr...) map and the day system.
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User Info: the_old_days

8 years ago#7
VII is still my favorite. I just love the battles, really round out the game, take the monotony out of it.
"Machiavelli? Ayn Rand? Get the **** out of my office!"--Chief Durnam
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