what's the best pokemon team?

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User Info: verysoon1455

8 years ago#1
no legendaries please!

this is my party:
1. espeon lv29
2. breloom lv27
3. flaafy lv29
4. ??
5. ??
6. ??


User Info: amp888

8 years ago#2
Add Houndoom. You can sweep the whole game with just Espeon, Houndoom and Flaaffy. Or at least, they're all you need to KO opponents.
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User Info: CharizardFire

8 years ago#3
Add Salamence for awesomeness.

User Info: verysoon1455

8 years ago#4
haha well the game itself is easy but i'm trying to build a Orre Coliseum oriented party
salamence sounds good LOL

User Info: Relient_K

8 years ago#5
Breloom is useless without spore.
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User Info: verysoon1455

8 years ago#6
well i'm EV training my Breloom in speed and it has a speed enhancing nature (Naive). right now it's level 29 and it's speed is about 70.
every level up it gains around 3HP, 3atk, 3spd (sometimes 2), and 1-2 in everything else
it's slow right now, but i equipped it with macho brace and fighting the Raichu at zone 21 of mt. battle.
it's equiped with Silk Scarf right now...or should i equip w/ another item?
it's moves are:
mach punch
mega drain
stun spore

i'm THINKING of teaching it break break...should i do it?

my ampharos has a sp atk enhancing nature (Mild) and my Espeon is spd enhancing (spd).

when i want to EV train in sp attack (Rider Dert in pyrite town) i use ampharos and espeon, in speed EV training i use breloom and espeon

thanks a lot guys ur comments and feedback reallly helps :]

User Info: ally112083

8 years ago#7
I've got Jolteon, Houndoom, Gardevoir and Zangoose. Gardevoir has a crazy sp attack, zangoose has a crazy attack. Jolteon has excellent sp attack and even better speed. Houndoom has excellent sp attack and decent speed. I spent a long time choosing these pokemon cause I wanted them to have the right natures so their stats would be even better. My Zangoose is lv 55 and it's attack is 163
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  3. what's the best pokemon team?

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