This game has its good points

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User Info: astro_bdw

10 years ago#1
While Infernal was almost universally panned, it really is not without some pretty strongly redeeming qualities. The graphics are actually surprisingly atmospheric and good-looking - while if you try, you can see where there are some pretty low-polygon models - even enemies - the artists did a really good job of using lighting and other tricks to keep everything looking sweet. That also means, apparently, that the game plays pretty well even on last-generation pcs. I would also point out that while repetitive, the environments are actually quite high detail, and combined with well-done volumetric lights really look good.

Therein is the problem though - while most stuff really looks great, you're going to see a lot of the same enemies, environments and gameplay mechanics. It's pretty old-school in that sense: Kill waves of bad guys, run around grabbing pick-ups, and occasionally fight a "boss". I may have a higher opinion of this game than some folks, because I will acknowledge that I like pretty linear games. I grew up with rail-shooters in arcades, and I don't mind rail-shooter sequences in modern games (I haven't finished Infernal, but I assume there are no on-rails sections). Believe it or not, DRIV3R had a really super-fun rail shooting segment - superior to a similar mission in GTA:SA.

I digress - the game is linear and repetitive - I don't mind the former but the latter does get to me. I will probably finish it, though, as I do most mediocre titles (Area 51, Project Snowblind, Indigo Prophecy - while I see all those titles were far from perfect, they were all REALLY fun as far as I was concerned).
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User Info: magusx666

10 years ago#2
"Area 51, Project Snowblind, Indigo Prophecy - while I see all those titles were far from perfect, they were all REALLY fun as far as I was concerned"

Yeah, this game disappointed me, but those games were a lot of fun. Area 51 had some neat "infection" plot line like a zombie movie but with alien-human hybrids tearing up the place. Although next to no one plays the multiplayer anymore, it was even a lot of fun with one guy being infected and killing the others (I'm talking about the first Area 51 game for PC, PS2, and XBox, not the Blacksite game, as I haven't played it yet).

Project Snowblind had some really cool weapons with neat secondary fire abilities. I don't remember all of the powers you could get, but I do recall them being quite handy. You could play through some levels by taking different paths. Hell, you could even be really sneaky a lot of the time, as I recall. Great stuff.

Lastly, Indigo Prophecy was a pain in the ass for me as far as the adventure portion was concerned. I find games like Sam & Max and Space Quest to be more enjoyable for me. However, the action segments of Indigo Prophecy were freaking amazing, and made it worth playing through the game. Hell, the first time you do *really* shocking stuff, I was jumping out of my chair with a dumb grin, excited and truly "gleeful." Unfortunately, the story really, really, really went down-hill for me during the last part of the game. It really put a damper on the fun, but I couldn't stop playing until I had won since the action sequences at the end were so incredible.
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User Info: Hoi_gr

9 years ago#3
Well...Personally I don't even care about repetitive (Quake anyone?) but if I had 1 word to describe Infernal it wouldn't be pretty or exciting or eyecandy or OMGITGOTPHYSICS. It would be ANNOYING. I mean seriously annoying, close to non-playable if I'm on a bad day.

-Instakill when you fall more than 2 meters or go on water
-Cool telekinesis ability that doesn't allow you to climb anywhere or really use it for anything other than removing preset obstacles. Not to mention how buggy and hard to use it is. How hard could it be setting the wheel button to move items closer or further away from you.
-Ridiculous POV (point of view). If the enemy is coming from your right it's all good. However if he is coming from the left, to actually SEE and SHOOT him you gonna need to strafe into plain sight. Genius...NOT. Wake up people, even Oblivion has a 1st/3rd person view switch.
-Ok, I liked the soul munching thingy once, maybe twice. But spending half my time on the game to suck souls and ammo just seems to me like a good way to make a ridiculously short game last longer.
-How many times have you fired a grenade while trying to use telekinesis or binoculars?
-Damn, stupid annoying activation, password, soul sucking etc animations. Just another way to get 5-10 secs on the time table. And the dreaded "door" puzzles. You teleport somewhere press the switch teleport back. YAY 20 more seconds of game time that no one enjoys.
-For a game with superpowers, devils and angels the weapons are pretty boring and standard. The low ammo limit combined with the clip wasting reload makes ammo conservation too vital for an action game. Leave those kinda limitation to Resident Evil. Secondary functions are all the same. Flamethrower is by far the most suicidal weapon of all times.
-This is the first time I needed a FAQ for an action game. How was anyone supposed to figure out that welders should be shot at their back or that you need to fire a specific point of a ladder with a hellfire shot to make it go down...Search for an hour. Right. Timewasting, adds to play time...

Now tell me with games like Halflife 2 and Crysis, what where those guys thinking. "It's pretty and shiny, that's gonna keep them distracted from all the lame game play".

User Info: CptAwsum

9 years ago#4
Took me a couple of minutes to get it.
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User Info: VEXz

9 years ago#5
Half-Life 2 and Crysis are FPS, while Crysis was incredible it was also incredibly linear... Half-Life 2 was also incredibly linear, but with a great story and aspect... Ionno.
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